If good kids have bad habits…

If good kids have bad habits…

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There are some behaviors that you don't understand how your child does, from whom and how you do it, but you are very uncomfortable with it. Even if there are people outside you and they have seen your child's behavior, you will be embarrassed, bored, but you cannot stop your child's behavior. What are these behaviors? It's like scrambling nose, sucking fingers, eating nails (you can find a longer list below). If you are faced with these problems faced by many parents, here are some suggestions…

What are these behaviors?


-Nail biting

- Finger sucking

- Tooth grinding

- Shaking or bumping the head or body

- Hair pulling

- Eating fallen food

- Wash your hands after toilet

- Playing with wounds

-Holding breath

-Genital areas to touch

What can you do?

The first thing you should do is ignore this behavior. Your interest in your child's behavior (even with a negative response) may cause this behavior to continue or even increase in frequency, because your child may be doing it to attract attention.

- Examine your own behavior and the behavior of people in your family / immediate environment. Your child may be looking at you or a relative, and as you tell him that you shouldn't do it, your child will think of the other person who did it and try to clear it himself.

- Show your child that you have noticed good behavior and reward him. For example, when you see your child washing his hands from the toilet without constantly washing his hands, tell him that you are very pleased with his behavior and reward him with something small.

Your child will need a valid reason to stop this behavior. If he does not see any reason to stop this behavior, he will never give up. Therefore, to eliminate this behavior, try to find reasons that interest your child and create opportunities for your child to see these reasons. For example, if your little girl has a habit of eating nails, you can try to get her attention by telling her that she's going to have bad nails when she's a young girl in the future.

- If there is more than one behavior you want to correct, focus on and work on behaviors that you think can only lead to two important and dangerous consequences in a short period of time. Trying to eliminate all behaviors at the same time will only cause you to try in vain and not get a positive result.

Stress may be a reason for these behaviors. Your child may have concerns, and he or she may not feel comfortable in a family or school environment. Take these into consideration and try to understand the reason for this, creating environments where you can communicate comfortably with your child. Always make eye contact with your child and make him feel that you are listening to him.

- Give your child a choice. Your child will sometimes need strength to feel their presence. Create a space for him to make decisions and make choices for himself in order to reveal this power. For example, you can ask your child what he or she wants to eat for breakfast. The child who becomes aware of his / her strength will be able to cope with his / her problems more easily.

- Create opportunities that can help your child to eliminate his habit. For example, if you have seen your child meddle in, direct him to a toilet or make sure he can clean his hand and nose if there is no toilet in the environment, put paper handkerchiefs in his bag when he goes to school and direct him to use the handkerchiefs in case of need. You can talk to your teacher at school and get help from him.

- Be absolutely consistent and logical in your reactions to behavior, so that your child will not find gaps between your reactions and will not be able to use those gaps against you.

-For more detailed and accurate information about the subject please contact an expert.

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