How to start toilet training for children?

How to start toilet training for children?

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Toilet training
Author: Vicki Lansky
Publisher: Illegal
Wet beds, bad smelling cloths Tuvalet You need to give your child 'Toilet Training'. But how do you do that? By forcing? Rewarding? Does your child's timing keep yours? Most importantly, is your child as ready as you are? With this book, your child will be able to go to the toilet alone without any difficulty. This victory will win with the help of you and this book!
1. When will my child be ready for toilet training?
2. Should I Choose Potty or Toilet Seat or Toilet Seat?
3. How should I start toilet training?
4. What do the experts say?
5. Help! How will I give toilet training to my child who does not cooperate with me?
6. How Can I Give Toilet Training to My Child Under Special Conditions?
7. What if my Trained Child Accidents?
8. How do I handle my child's bedwetting?

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