Carefully protect your child from infection!

Carefully protect your child from infection!

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The first is that children and especially viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory infections love the cold. The second reason; schools are open. Schools often become an environment where infections spread rapidly. Children whose immune systems are more vulnerable also meet winter with infectious diseases. Specialist Medline Konya Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Upset. Dr. Musa Ekin, It describes the precautions to be taken to protect children from diseases during seasonal changes.

The most important point of protecting your child from diseases; avoiding close contact with patients and protecting from cold as it reduces body resistance.

The first year of school is importantā€¦

Whether your child starts nursery school or primary school or nursery school, the first year of school is a period in which the child is often ill, often experiencing many respiratory infections. This process may even take two years. During this period, the immune system encounters infections it has never seen, and in fact, the body gains immunity. In a few years the situation usually improves.

How many times a year is infection normal?

It is normal for a child to have 6-12 respiratory infections per year.

What are the factors that often cause respiratory infections in children?

Allergic diseases, asthma, problems such as nasal flesh children more often respiratory tract infections

causes. Exposure to cigarette smoke is also an important factor that increases infections. Children of families with many children, and children who start early in the day, of course, become more ill.

Give your children the awareness of personal hygiene against infectious diseases

Hand cleaning is one of the most important points to be considered in order not to catch colds. The flu virus is carried through droplets that carry this virus in the air, which is exhaled with sneezing and coughing. It is transmitted to another person by being suspended in the air. However, these droplets are mostly caused by the coughing person closing his mouth with his hand rather than direct coughing. In this respect, we should not be in crowded environments. The most important and important point for children who have to go to school and daycare is hand cleaning.

Watch out for clothes in cold weather to protect your children from infection!

Make sure your clothes are thick enough when you take them out so that your child's body resistance does not fall. To protect your baby from the cold, especially when you are out, it is better to dress your baby in layers, in terms of thermal insulation, than to dress a thick coat. Also, since babies have more heat loss from the beginning, do not forget to cover the head.

Keep away from sick peopleā€¦

The cold air makes it possible for people to come together in closed environments and make contact with each other easier, causing the upper respiratory tract to be seen more in winter. Therefore, do not place your child in environments where people are as ill as possible. If you are a family member at home or you are sick, always wear a mask to prevent infection.

Supplement vitamin C

Studies have shown that vitamin C may be useful in preventing infections, but does not provide benefit after infection occurs. Make sure your child gets enough vitamin C supplements in natural ways.

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