What are Rsv Infections?

What are Rsv Infections?

Turkish Neonatology Society draws attention to Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections, which is an important health problem in newborn infants and the cause of lower respiratory infections such as bronchiolitis and pneumonia in young infants.

Flu is not the only virus that causes epidemics in autumn and winter. RSV, which is highly contagious and can cause respiratory infections in all ages, makes epidemics especially between October and April. 60% of newborn babies are exposed to RS virus in the first outbreak after birth and no later than 2-3. Until the year, all children have RS virus infection.

RSV infections pose a risk for small premature infants

The disease observed as a simple upper respiratory tract infection in adults and children over 3 years; malnutrition, runny nose, sore throat, slight cough and headache, such as complaints, while the danger for small premature babies. Respiratory syncytial virus is one of the major infectious agents of lower respiratory tract infections which require hospitalization in preterm and small born infants and some other high-risk infants with severe clinical picture leading to death.

Turkish Neonatology Association drew attention to RSV Infections

wince Neonatology at the meeting held in Ankara by the Association in Turkey newborn improvements in health, in our country, studies on RSV infections, RSV: Factors and Immune RSV lets in Turkey, discussed conservation issues in premature infants are infected with RSV.

President of Turkish Neonatology Association Dr. Dr. Murat Yurdakök, Ministry of Health Treatment Services, Hygiene Center and institutions such as Hacettepe University, Ege University, Ankara University and Uludag University Medical Faculty with the participation of very valuable speakers attended the meeting, RSV Infections and newborn babies to review the information on the subject said.

Professor Dr. According to Yurdakök, RSV infections are frequently seen every year. preventive immunization once a month is important in preventing disease.
He said.