In which situations should cesarean section be preferred?

In which situations should cesarean section be preferred?

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In which circumstances should normal birth be chosen?The first baby coming upside down, the baby's side posture in the mother's womb, the placenta in the front, early separation of the placenta, the cord in front of the baby's head, the baby's water is reduced significantly, triplet pregnancy, twin pregnancy in the mother's first baby's butt, Caesarean section is preferred in cases where compression of hernia, heart disease, high blood pressure is unavoidable, and herpes (herpes) in the mother's genital area and HPV.What are the dangers of cesarean section?Babies born by cesarean section may have problems breathing in the first days. Baby in a liquid in the belly of the mother. This fluid is entering the baby's airways. When passing through the vagina during normal birth, the baby discards the fluid. However, cesarean section does not have this chance. For this reason, the baby may have frequent breathing after delivery and sometimes even in the intensive care unit, even if temporary. The mother may not be able to feed her baby sufficiently because of the pain after cesarean section. When the baby is not fed enough in the newborn period, bowel movements may not be sufficient and jaundice seen in all newborn babies can reach more pronounced dimensions.Why is normal birth feared?For normal birth, the mother needs to be willing and determined. Many expectant mothers are affected by the negative effects of prejudices in society. Pregnant women are unfortunately intimidated by the environment. Birth stories are sometimes exaggerated. Even the people who do not know the mother candidates 'God save' is said to be dragged into fear. With epidural analgesia (painless delivery), mothers are experiencing a much more comfortable normal delivery process. The reason why normal birth is more common in western countries is that epidural analgesia is used more frequently.What is epidural?Epidural analgesia is applied painlessly with local anesthesia where the nerves come out of the spinal cord. With epidural analgesia, normal delivery is now painless. The procedure is as follows: At the beginning of the delivery, a catheter is placed in the lumbar region. It is waited until the cervix is ​​opened 4 cm for the administration of pain medication. Patients who have undergone epidural analgesia may not feel straining at birth. However, the helpers can tell the mother about the time of straining by observing the pain manually or on the monitor.What are the advantages of normal birth?- Anesthesia is not applied to the baby. - During the delivery, the baby discards the fluid in her lungs. - The mother starts breastfeeding immediately.

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