Does normal birth reduce depression?

Does normal birth reduce depression?

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How the birth method is going to be one of the most important issues for mothers during the 9 months. Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Aylin Karahasan, painless birth with the discovery of birth in the memory of the expectant mother is not severe and painful, he says.

Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. View Cihat's Full Profile the physician should make the decision about the delivery by cesarean section. Professor Ünlü said, genelde Patients generally do not prefer normal birth due to ignorance and pain. Therefore, it is important to inform the patient about pregnancy and birth beforehand. Pain-reducing methods used during labor can enable mothers to choose normal births. ”

Caesarean section for difficult labor

Pregnant women are experiencing various fears about normal birth and cesarean section. It is the right approach for the physician to decide the necessity of both methods. Professor Cihat Ünlü summarizes the situations in which normal birth and cesarean section are performed:

- The advantage of normal birth is that it is one of the happiest moments a woman can have in her life, in accordance with human anatomy. Strengthens the emotional bond between mother and baby. It enables the mother to start her daily activities in a shorter time. Unless there is a difficult birth, normal birth has no disadvantage.

- Caesarean section should be performed only when necessary. This is an operation. The advantage is that the baby and the mother are life-threatening or that normal delivery is not possible when the birth is smooth.

Postpartum Depression Decreases at Normal Delivery

Dr. Acibadem Bursa Hospital. Aylin Karahasan, normal birth is not known in advance when it will begin and the fear of inappropriate time and environment will start, says the mother is anxious. To eliminate these fears, the expectant mother must be informed in advance by her doctor. The more intense emotional contact between mother and baby in normal birth reduces the severity of postpartum depression. In normal birth, the time to stand up and return to normal daily activities is shorter than caesarean section.

Cesarean Section Hospital Stay Duration

There are several differences between normal and cesarean delivery. Professor Dr. Cihat Unlu, while the mother's hospital stay at normal birth is limited to 1-2 days, this period can last up to three days in cesarean section, he says. After caesarean section, the patient can return to normal life in 7-8 days. In normal birth also during the birth of the baby's lungs by compressing the amniotic fluid in the newborn is more prepared to breathe. Cesarean delivery is generally recommended when normal delivery is impossible or risky. The most important advantage of cesarean section is that it minimizes the risks to the baby during normal delivery.

Cesarean Section Successful in Expert Hands

Describing the negative aspects of cesarean section. Aylin Karahasan recalled that cesarean section is an operation and said, le Therefore, the risk of organ injuries, bleeding and infection risk should be kept in mind. Careful protection of neighboring organs such as the bladder and intestines, appropriate surgical technique, antibiotic protection, epidural anesthesia instead of general anesthesia minimizes the risk but does not reset the risk, ”he said. In the long term, the occasional pain in the sutures and the adhesions due to surgery in the abdomen are among the other negative aspects of cesarean section.

When Does Cesarean Section Offer?

Caesarean section is the most common operation performed in our country as in other countries. Dr. Aylin Karahasan explains the cases where caesarean section is preferred as the mode of birth:

- Cesarean section may be preferred if normal birth is very difficult
- The mother's bone structure is unfit for birth
- Full or half closure of the cervix or early separation
- Baby standing sideways
- Large structure of the baby
- Multiple pregnancies with inappropriate posture
- Baby heart beat is broken.
- Masses obstructing the birth path
- Active maternal genital herpes infection
- Progressive labor
- Cord sag
- Stress and decrease in heart rate during labor
- Stresses such as maternal brain aneurysm are risky
- The baby is less than 1500 grams and breech arrival
- Previous cesarean section, previous vaginal operation
- In cases such as vaginismus or severe normal birth phobia, cesarean delivery can be preferred.

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