Is it safe to bowl while I'm pregnant?

Is it safe to bowl while I'm pregnant?

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Yes, but you'd be wise to take a couple of precautions.

Your joints and ligaments get looser during pregnancy, and your center of gravity shifts. So the motions used in bowling, in combination with the weight of the ball, could strain your back or various ligaments.

It's a good idea to select a lighter ball and pay close attention to your body position and movements. Some women use pregnancy belts to help distribute their weight as the pregnancy progresses. You might find one useful when you're bowling.

And if you have certain medical and pregnancy conditions – such as preeclampsia, heart disease, placenta previa, or preterm labor – or are carrying twins or multiples, talk with your doctor about the best level of activity for your condition and stage of pregnancy.

With any activity during pregnancy, it's important to listen to your body and communicate with your practitioner if you begin to experience vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, contractions, or other worrisome symptoms.

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