If you are curious about the health of your baby in your tummy

If you are curious about the health of your baby in your tummy

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The most worrying issue for mothers is whether their babies are good and healthy. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Alper Mumcu, Di If there was a window on the abdominal wall that showed the inside of the uterus, most of these worries would be unwarranted. Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity. ”

There is a very simple way to give you an idea of ​​whether your baby can enjoy himself inside. To follow and count his movements. This method is very easy and can be done by anyone everywhere and is free.

When you enter the last 3 months of pregnancy, tracking and counting your baby's movements during the day can provide important clues to show that it is good for your stomach. Ideal for this is to count at almost the same time of day as you usually know it is most active. It is more advantageous to do this after meal. 28-30. There is little point in trying to count baby movements before week.

There are different methods for counting baby movement. The most commonly used method is to count movements when sitting or in the left-lying position. All sensible movements such as body movement, twitching and kicking are valid. If your baby makes 4-5 movements per hour in this way or if the number of movements you can notice in 2 hours is around 10, there is no problem. If your baby's movements seem to be diminished, get up and walk for 5-10 minutes, snack something like fruit juice, dessert, chocolate, drink 2-3 glasses of water and try again. If the movements are still not corrected, inform your doctor.

If you notice a significant decrease in the number of movements, especially in the late stages of pregnancy, and if the number of movements you feel is less than 10 in 2 hours, you may need to inform your doctor and monitor the baby's heartbeat using the so-called NST method.

If there is no significant change in the movement pattern that your baby has learned and accustomed, it is very likely that your baby is in a good mood.

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