Your 19-month-old: Week 1

Your 19-month-old: Week 1

Your toddler now

Potty preparation

This could be a good time to gear up for toilet training. Watch for signs of readiness, which include showing interest in other people's bathroom habits and being able to follow simple instructions. (See a complete list of readiness signs.)

Also consider whether your child is experiencing any big changes in his life at the moment, like a new sibling or a new caregiver. If he is, you may want to wait for things to settle down before introducing the potty. Finally, make sure you have time and patience to deal with toilet training right now.

At this early age, a freestanding potty chair that lets your child's feet touch the ground is probably your easiest option. Eventually, a toilet seat insert might do the trick, but to use the toilet insert independently your child has to be big and coordinated enough to climb onto the toilet himself from a step stool.

If you think the time is right, get practical tips and techniques in the ABCs of potty training. And if you're eager to jump-start the process, consider this interesting method that some parents swear by: potty training in three days or less, designed for kids 15 to 28 months old.

If your child has a toy he really loves and might be possessive about, and he has a friend coming over, put the toy away before the playmate arrives so they can't fight over it.

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Up too early?

It's no fun to have an early riser who wants to get up before you do. Make sure your child's room is conducive to morning sleep, with shades to keep out the early light. If he's waking earlier and earlier, try adjusting his bedtime to a later time or shortening the daytime nap.

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