7 fun ways to dress up your baby bump for Halloween

7 fun ways to dress up your baby bump for Halloween

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  • Nothing matches the cuteness of babies in Halloween costumes, but maternity costumes come close. Dressed-up baby bumps are a fun opportunity to be creative, and a great way to document your baby's “first” Halloween. If you want to get into the spirit without all the fuss, why not try a low-maintenance Halloween maternity t-shirt.

  • A monster

    We scare because we care! If you have older children, you could go with a Pixar theme for the whole family and have a Buzz Lightyear and Woody, or other favorite Disney characters. Reviews say the shirt runs a little small, so size up if you’re between sizes.

    Monster Eyeball Maternity Shirt

  • A skeleton baby

    No bones about it - this is a comfy, easy, hilarious costume that’s sure to get you a few comments. You could wear it with plain black leggings, or go all out and pair it with skeleton leggings, instead. There’s also a twin babies option.

    Maternity Skeleton T-Shirt

  • A Star Wars theme

    This could be a great family-theme costume. There are so many Star Wars options for kids, and you can go along as the mothership (see what I did there?)

    Star Wars Maternity Shirt

  • A mummy baby

    Hello, mummy! This costume is so simple but so cute with those little eyes peeking out. Just throw this on and you’re done with your costume. You're guaranteed to get plenty of compliments on your clever shirt at the Halloween party.

    Mummy Baby Shirt

  • Bun in the oven

    Bring the phrase to life and go as someone with an actual bun in the oven. You could wear a chef’s hat and potholder mittens to complete this look.

    Bun in the Oven T-shirt

  • Pirate

    Ahoy, matey! You could go all out for this costume with a hat, a swashbuckling costume sword, black leggings and boots, and a red sash tied around your waist. Or you could just wear the shirt and some black boots and call it a day.

    Pirate Maternity T-Shirt

  • Hocus Pocus

    If we’re getting technical, this isn’t so much a costume as it is a clever Halloween T-shirt. But when you can combine a quote from one of the best Halloween movies ever and an acknowledgement of your pregnancy all in one shirt? You go for it.

    Hocus Pocus Quote Shirt

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