14 popular baby names with the most unfortunate meanings

14 popular baby names with the most unfortunate meanings

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We didn’t put a whole lot of thought into baby name meanings with my first two boys. We like the names and the meanings weren’t anything terrible, the nicknames were okay, and their initials didn’t spell out anything funny, so we went with it.

But with George both our families were crazy about the name, and it actually means “farmer.” How perfect for our little farm family!?

I know some people who are big believers in giving their kids names with wonderful, powerful meanings, and I have friends who really don’t care as long as it's a name they like.

The funny thing is – you will be hard pressed to find a name meaning that is consistent from source to source. While doing my research for this article I checked out three different websites. Between our own name guide here on BabyCenter, to one called NameBerry, and another on, I found it difficult to get a straight answer, or meaning.

For example, the first name I looked up was Kennedy. One site described this name as “an Irish Gaelic name meaning helmeted chief,” while another sight states Kennedy actually is “from the Celtic ‘O Cinneide’ which meant ugly or misshapen head (from a helmet).”

While both meanings have the word helmet in their description, they hardly mean the same thing. So, which do you prefer – someone who is a respected warrior or someone with a deformed head?

It seems that aside from biblical names, the meanings can mostly be debatable. So is this something we should even consider when naming our children?

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