Video: Do that baby momma dance

Video: Do that baby momma dance

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Pregnancy is funny. Sometimes you have boundless energy, and other times it's a struggle to get up from the sofa to make yourself a sandwich. Dropping it like it's hot seems out of the question on days like that.

Much love and props to any momma who has the energy and the wherewithal to dance with a big ole belly full of baby like the woman in this YouTube video. She's got moves.

The lyrics are everything. This is my jam, guys.

"Been pregnant for way too long." Indeed.

"Drop it down, drop it down down low." What every woman in her third trimester wants to hear.

"Preggo but I'm still doin' moves like Beyonce." Yes.

"Yeh, my belly big but I'm looking like a model." Feeling that pregnancy glow.

"Twerk right. Twerk left. Take a breath, 'cause I'm out of breath." If you are pregnant and twerking, you're a greater woman than I.

The Baby Momma dance was originally brought to us by Starrkeisha. It's equally hilarious!

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