Why you need a wet bag and what to do with it

Why you need a wet bag and what to do with it

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Wet bags are waterproof cloth bags meant to store soiled cloth diapers. After a failed attempt at using cloth diapers with my firstborn, I repurposed my wet bags for other, far better uses. My favorite wet bags have three features:

  1. absolutely waterproof lining
  2. a handle or strap
  3. a separate dry section

I have several wet bags and use them weekly, if not daily, although they haven't seen a soiled cloth diaper in years. I think every mom should own at least one large wet bag. I love buying them for new mom friends and sharing my list of ideas on how to use them.

Here are 7 uses for wet bags you may have never thought of:

1. The Pool

I pack the wet bag for the kids' swimming lesson. After swim the wet suits, sandals and goggles come home in a large wet bag. I lay out the sandals and goggles to dry when we get home and toss both the suits and the wet bag straight into the washing machine. This way I can bring one big tote bag with their towels, change of clothes, my phone, and snacks without worrying about their swimsuits getting everything wet.

2. Pump Parts

Many pumping working moms agree that you can simply rinse and reuse your pump parts all day, washing them only in the evening. I rinse my pump parts and then store them in a wet bag in the fridge. At the end of the day I wash the used bag and pack a new one for the next work day. It's so much better that using a new disposable plastic zip top bag each day.

3. Potty Training

Just typing those words makes me shudder. During potty training season with each kid I pack a wet bag everywhere we go. I keep a spare change of clothes and a small washcloth in the bag just in case. Should a child have an accident, I have a place to store the wet clothes and a fresh outfit ready to go.

4. Laptop

I bring my Mac everywhere. It is very useful, especially while traveling, to keep my laptop in a wet bag. I never have to worry about protecting my Mac from spills in transit.

5. Snowy, wet clothes

Since we don't have any good sledding hills in walking distance, we often drive to the good neighborhood haunts. The ride home used to be rough on my car, with dripping wet hats, mittens and scarves lining our trunk. Now I use a wet bag to store these pieces for the ride home, even putting my kids' snow boots in if needed.

6. Lunch cooler trash bag

When we head to the beach or on a long outing, I bring a wet bag to use as a trash bag while we are out and about. I can't tell you how many times it has saved me from hunting for a trash can to toss a half full juice box with my three littles in tow.

7. Bottom of the stairs

Similarly, I use a lot of hand and dishtowels in my kitchen instead of paper towels. I hang a wet bag at the bottom of the stairs to store these and bring them upstairs to wash at the end of the day.

These are my favorite wet bags and the ones I use all the time:

Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag, Chevron (Amazon)

This is my favorite bag for wet swimsuits. It fits 3 child swimsuits as well as goggles and 2 pairs of kid sandals with room to spare, yet doesn't take a lot of room in my tote bag on the way there.

Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Wet Bag (Itzy Ritzy)

I have not personally used these wet bags, but these come highly recommended by my in-the-know mom friends. I love our Itzy Ritzy snack bags because the fabric never fades despite years of weekly washing. I bet these wet bags have the same resilience.

Planet Wise Large Wet Bag, Green Meadow (Amazon)

This is the first wet bag I ever bought and the one that got me hooked. I use this one for everything from potty training to bottom of the stairs. I've even used this as a small travel hamper while on vacation.

Planet Wise Large Wet Bag, Aim Twill (Planet Wise Inc.)

This is the same bag but in a far more current and stylish fabric pattern.

Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag, Sly (Amazon)

This bag is just the right size to store pump parts and even milk bottles if needed. I love the cute fox pattern too.

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