Photos: Natural breech birth in all its wonder and glory

Photos: Natural breech birth in all its wonder and glory

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In the final weeks of her pregnancy, first-time-mom, Mel, learned that her baby was sitting in a frank breech position. That means the bottom was pointing down toward the birth canal with baby's legs pointing straight up instead of being in a head-down position, which is considered optimal for birth.

As her birth photographer Kate Kennedy shared in a blog post about the birth, even though Mel was a first-time mom "as a midwife herself, she had enough knowledge" to recognize she might be able to attempt a natural breech birth.

After attending a breech clinic, her doctors decided she fit the criteria to attempt a natural delivery, according to Kate. Although she knew her plan might change at game time, like with any birth plan, Kate says, "With the unwavering support of her wonderful husband Ben, she decided to at least try for the natural birth she had envisaged all throughout her pregnancy."

For Mel to achieve the natural breech birth she desired, this brave mama would need to wait for labor to begin on its own. Finally, just as she had passed the 41-week mark, Kate writes that baby Zoe decided it was the perfect day to meet her eager parents!

"Mel spent most of her labour quietly contracting under the shower," Kate recounts, adding that her husband Ben and midwife Denise were there with her every step of the way.

When things progressed, "Mel moved to the bed where she could kneel and safely birth her baby without anyone needing to intervene."

Kate describes Mel's natural breech birth as "completely calm and controlled."

"Mel gently [breathed] her out and no one [touched] the baby during delivery."

In the end, Kate says she stands in awe of "Mel’s courage and determination."

Mel's hope is that by sharing these rare birth images, she can inspire a healthier way of thinking about natural breech birth.

I think it's more than that. These photos prove that any mom can meet any birth challenge with courage. And I say this as a soon-to-be fourth time mom. Even though I've done this three times before, I'm still scared. That something could go wrong. That I won't be able to do it again. Mel's birth story proves we all have it within us, to do what's right for our own situations. To dig deep, and find that determination to get through the fear and pain, and birth our babies into our arms.

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This post was originally published in June, 2017.

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