Moms confess: The weirdest pregnancy side effects ever

Moms confess: The weirdest pregnancy side effects ever

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I love that Adele once admitted that she sprouted a post-pregnancy beard. Because, let's face it: Many of us had to deal with the very unexpected, very un-glamorous side of pregnancy. It's kind of hard to feel that gorgeous "glow" everyone talks about when you're hunched over a toilet bowl.

"I love the way the light reflects off of your facial hair, honey," said no husband ever.

Some of these sudden symptoms can come as a shock to an unsuspecting mom-to-be. Fortunately, the moms here at our site are boldly sharing all of it: The good, the bad nd the very odd.

Here are some of their most surprising pregnancy side effects...

Do any of these sound familiar?

Knowledge is power, my mom friends. So the next time you find yourself drooling in public, just know that at least you're not alone.

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This post was originally published in April, 2016.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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