27 cute and creative gender reveal announcement photos

27 cute and creative gender reveal announcement photos

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The gender reveal pregnancy trend is showing no signs of slowing down. As the idea of gender reveals has spread, the announcements have become more and more creative.

Some trends we've noticed cropping up over the past few years: gender reveal parties are going strong, dads are getting in on the reveals, and, perhaps as a consequence, more and more parents are using gender reveal methods with a bang: smoke, fireworks, explosions.

Here are 27 adorable gender reveal announcements from our site Community photo contests in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

1. It's a boy for HudsonBear in this elegant shot.

2. For this shot, community member Katies3rd had her two older boys spray Daddy with pink Silly String.

3. Community member Lisa11117 says the hike up to get this shot was particularly hard while she was pregnant, but "totally worth it!"

4. Mama ffm-mel says this is how her son found out he was getting two baby sisters.

5. Musickphan912's older daughter participated in this lovely alfresco shot.

6. It's a Scrabble gender reveal for abbyew12.

7. And it's baby boy #3 for kimberlina18.

8. Daddy got in on the action for ShimmerAndSass's gender reveal.

9. APmom3 channeled her love of Disney for this baby girl reveal.

10. "He hit it out of the park, it's a girl!" says Smeche.

11. Put a ribbon on it, says silly_klownz.

12. Bakedbriecheese pressed her Corgi into service for this sweet shot.

13. ""Finding out our baby was a healthy boy was the best day ever!" says kimicoopet.

14. "Boy, oh's another GIRL!!!!" says JessaDoll7.

15. Yep, it's a girl for Wljones12.

16. Shearslicing puts the spotlight on her new baby boy.

17. Inviting all of your loved ones to douse you in Silly String? jlfelker73 has courage!

18. A magical reveal -- and contest winner -- for twolittlemen.

19. MrsSOlguin picked up the perfect paint chip for her gender reveal.

20. A switch from black-and-white to color makes cupcakes9214's reveal more dramatic.

21. MommaPikachu opts for a sweet reveal.

22. Rvanderstelt opts for a strategically placed bow for her gender reveal.

23. sscroggs86 headed to the water for this beautiful outdoor shot.

24. Tinleysmomma got her whole family in on her Silly String reveal.

25. Furry family members past and present play a part in apt9b's reveal.

26. Creative shapes make librarygrl619's reveal a wow.

27. Pink fireworks for KFriederich's July 4 gender reveal.

This post was originally published February 24, 2014

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