Photos: Midwife pulls out her own c-section baby

Photos: Midwife pulls out her own c-section baby

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Midwife Emily Dial pulled out her own baby during a c-section birth at the hospital where she works. Kentucky-based photographer Sarah Hill was on hand to capture the dramatic moment her friend, and midwife, helped deliver her baby, whose gender was unknown.

This image shows Dial's outstretched arms as she reaches for her baby. Then, the big moment.

"SHE PULLED THE BABY OUT HERSELF! It was unreal," Hill shared about the bold birth on the Love What Matters site.

Dial planned to pull out her own baby, and was prepped ahead of the c-section. "She scrubbed in so she could be sterile and put gloves on over her IV," Hill explained. She also described the scene in the delivery room:

"As her doctors, Dr. Mark Wainwright and Dr. Amanda Hess, made the incision, you could feel the excitement in the room. Emily calmly reached down and began to pull the baby from her belly. I was amazed at how smoothly she came out, like just another day on the job for Emily! She pulled her all the way out and brought her up to where she could see what it was. A girl!! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room!"

Dial and her husband Daniel, along with the hospital staff, were overjoyed to welcome baby Emma.

Dial's sister shared this video of the brave delivery on YouTube. It gives you even more of a feel for how much the mama participated in delivering her own baby.

This happy moment was hard-earned. The parents lost their first baby after a c-section six years ago, due to a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The sweet little boy passed away at just 10 days old after unsuccessful surgeries to correct the condition, and allow his lungs to grow properly. Dial and her husband are also parents to a little girl, Ella.

About her incredible birth, Dial told Love What Matters, "It was truly a full circle moment. It was tying together the two things I love the most: my family and my career. It truly was one of the happiest moments of my life."

Hill says sharing photos of this birth story has empowered other moms to feel like they can have the birth they want, no matter the circumstances. She adds that c-section mamas specifically love seeing these images, since they don't really know what their births looked like, and didn't feel like they could participate in it.

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