Prepare to be stunned by photographer's 12 favorite birth photos

Prepare to be stunned by photographer's 12 favorite birth photos

Birth photographer Monet Moutrie thinks all birth photos are beautiful. "Every birth that I attend is profound, and I walk away from each one with images that speak to my heart," she writes on her website.

That's why it's so difficult for her to select her favorite birth images. She says that her career is "full of homebirths, birth center births, and hospital births." But no matter where the births take place, Monet says, "I get to document so much love, so much strength, and so much joy."

Like in this first image: Talk about joy.

Scroll through the following photos, all taken by, and selected by Monet, along with her descriptions of what was happening in each image, and where.

My dear friend holds onto her brand new baby boy. Repeat client! Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

After loss...this moment. Such a beautiful rainbow birth. Birth attended by Gina Gerboth, CPM.

The joy of meeting your baby brother! Repeat client!

These high-school sweethearts couldn't contain their joy when their son finally was in their arms. Castle Rock Adventist.

VBAC at home. No more words needed. Repeat client! Community Roots Midwifery.

I so agree with Monet that no matter how your baby comes into the world...

The breathtaking cesarean birth of Everlie with Dr. Breeden at PSL.

Whether it's via C-section, or a home water birth...

Beautiful homebirth with Jolene Hamann of Springs Midwifery.

And from that first breath to your early, irreplaceable moments with your baby, like the first latch...

Such a beautiful first latch at Skyridge Medical Center.

And from those "perfect" moments with your baby, to the brutal, yet still beautiful honesty of birth...

Postpartum goodness. Homebirth with To Each Her Own Midwifery.

Every moment, from that first contraction, to finally, holding your baby in your arms, deserves to be celebrated, and captured on film.

Eyes wide open at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.

The best moment of all in my humble opinion? That recognition, between mom and baby. "It's you!" That moment alone makes every worry, every pain, every other moment, so darn worth it!

"So you're my mama." Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.

You can see all of Monet's favorite birth photos of 2017 on her website.

Featured image: Birth at Baby + Co (in the same room Monet had her daughter!)

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