Prenatal visits and giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic: What moms are going through

Prenatal visits and giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic: What moms are going through

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Pregnancy & COVID-19: Parents share what appointments and birth are like

our site has been asking our audience over the last few weeks how the coronavirus has impacted their lives and what questions they have for experts and other parents. We also started a support group in the our site Community to allow parents and other caregivers to exchange information and tips on life during COVID-19. The following are some of the stories being shared about what pregnancy care and giving birth are like right now.

You may have to go to your prenatal visits alone

I’m from WV. We are taking extra precautions in this state because in rural areas our hospitals are not equipped to handle mass amounts of infected people. I’m pregnant with my first. I never imagined having to go to my appointments without my husband or someone for support. Alone during those precious moments when we can see the baby and hear the heartbeat. I’m hoping it’s not going to be a situation where I have to deliver alone.

We found there's an issue with the baby and now I have weekly visits and meeting with all sorts of doctors, and I'm doing it alone because my husband isn't allowed at appointments. It's hard to gather and process all the info, and then take it to the car and tell him about it. We can facetime during the appointment but sometimes connection isn't good.

Now I have to go to my appointments alone. What makes it harder is my husband is an essential worker and we have a four-year-old who cannot be left home so it makes it very hard for mothers who normally bring their kids with them…

You may have to wait in the car instead of the waiting room

I’m 33 weeks pregnant. My husband isn’t allowed to go to my appointments but thankfully he is allowed in room for delivery as of right now. I have an ultrasound on Friday. I have to call the office and let them know I’m outside. I have to stay in my car until the ultrasound tech calls me on my cell phone that’s she ready for my scan. It’s unreal what is happening but hopefully we'll get through it soon.

You may be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the door

36 weeks here. All appointments must be only you (no partner). Still able to see a provider in-person, but we must call ahead to check-in, wait in car until they call your phone to enter. Upon entering, you are provided a mask, hand sanitizer and screened for symptoms. Once screened, you get a sticker on your shirt saying so. You go straight into your exam room and back out when done. I no longer know who I'll see or who will deliver, as they have all OBs on rotation just in case they need more doctors at the covid hub. Am trying to remain healthy and positive.

I'm getting screened with questions as soon as I walk into the office and my temperature checked. For my confirmation of pregnancy and first ultrasound appointment, no hubby. Strange times for sure!

You may not be able to record or video chat with your partner

I'm 18 weeks pregnant with our 1st child. We are from NY, which has been difficult and stressful. My husband has been stuck in Europe for two months now due to Covid and hasn't been here for the appointments or to see the baby grow. We are not even allowed to record the appointments. I haven't seen family or friends. This is not at all how I expected to be pregnant with our 1st. Hopefully the travel ban will be lifted soon, hubby will come home, and we can enjoy this pregnancy together.

I’m at the beginning of my pregnancy and due end of October. They wouldn’t let my husband in for the ultrasound. I asked about Face Timing him or calling so he could hear the heartbeat and she said it’s against HIPPA rules and doesn’t make sense if I am giving consent and he is my husband...

You may have to switch to virtual visits

I’m due next month and the remainder of my OB visits will be virtual. I’m required to purchase several items, take my own BP, listen and measure my baby’s heart rate, test my own urine, and weigh myself, report that info to my doctor along with any questions I may have. I know these are different times and this is all for the safety and health of myself and baby, but I just didn’t imagine my last pregnancy experience to go this way.

I was on quarantine since 3/15. My OB visits were virtual, I was instructed to take my own BP, my 3rd trimester scan was canceled. Because my OB chose to close her office, I wasn’t able to get checked to see if I was dilating. I delivered my precious baby boy on 3/31. The hospital I was delivering at contacted us and told us to bring our own masks and several other supplies that they could not provide due to shortage. I’m very thankful my husband was able to stay with me every step of the way from delivery to recovery with our baby.

You may be used to being on your own

Honestly, none of this has been different from my first pregnancy. Husband was gone on deployment, so I went to all appointments alone. We lived across country from family, so we didn’t see each other just like we’re doing now (social distancing). It’s hard, but nothing will take away from the beautiful child you will bring into this crazy world.

You may have to give birth without your partner or coach

Delivered yesterday my baby boy without my husband or any support person in the hospital! But I had an amazing labor and delivery nurse. I wished I could give her a hug.

First time mom here, due to go in for a c-section two weeks from today. Hubby isn't allowed to be in the hospital until baby and I are out of recovery and we can't record or FaceTime so that he can "be there". Not what we expected for our first baby. The hospital we are delivering at already has multiple COVID cases, and because of the OBs schedules being all adjusted to avoid burnout, I'll have an OB that I've never met delivering our baby. But we are all strong and will get through this. Sending love and light to all the expectant mamas going through this tough time

I'm 30 weeks with number 4 (first girl!) I have a scheduled c-section due to my first delivery having complications. She's coming June 17th... idk if my husband is going to be allowed to meet his daughter until we leave the hospital after 4 days... and if he is who's going to be able to watch my other three boys for that week because of social distancing and not being able to visit family members... but as long as she's healthy, and our boys stay healthy and as long as we stay healthy... everything will be fine…

You may be tested for COVID-19 when you deliver

Set for induction in 1.5 weeks. Hubby will be able to be there for labor and delivery but will have to leave right after. All moms are tested for COVID-19 upon entry to L&D. If negative, Baby and I will be moved to the ambulatory surgery center which is considered “clean.” If positive, no skin to skin contact as we will be separated for a few days.

You may not be able to have visitors during recovery

I delivered our daughter on April 8 via c-section. I had to get tested for covid-19 so the surgeon knew what kind of PPE to wear. My son couldn’t meet his baby sister for two days. I forced myself to walk sooner, eat sooner, use the restroom sooner so I could get out of the hospital sooner. No visitors. No leaving the room. With that being said, the nurses at my hospital did a fabulous job of still making this a beautiful and special experience.

I gave birth 2 weeks ago today. At first they weren't going to let my husband in the room, but luckily he was able to stay. The nurses and doctors were in full gear and my husband had to leave just 4 hours after I gave birth. My family still hasn't met the baby. Not how I planned this birth to be. Trying hard to find joy, postpartum is hard enough much less with a pandemic.

They may allow only one parent in if your baby is in the NICU

I had an emergency c section while 30 weeks pregnant. Thankfully my husband was able to be with me the whole time and we both were able to visit our daughter in the NICU while I was still admitted. When I was discharged only ONE of us could come to the NICU each day, and that parent could not come and go. Once they’re there, they must stay for however long. It’s been very hard on my husband not being able to see his daughter. We hope she will come home soon and be with both of her parents.

What it's like to be sheltering in place with a newborn

The hardest part has been that my mom lives in Illinois and is now unable to come out and be here when we bring our baby girl (first kid) home to help us out for the first couple of weeks.

I'm not scared for my health or my baby's; I feel confident that I'm taking the right measures to insure our safety. But I'm sad to not be sharing the joy of our first child with our families. This has been an experience I've been looking forward to since I was young, and it took us a year to get pregnant.

I’m a first-time mom and gave birth March 25. They didn’t allow any visitors and only my support person was allowed. They cancelled newborn pictures due to the pandemic. No friends or family have met my baby in person, who turned one month today. Nobody has visited, but I understand why.

Gave birth 3 weeks ago to my second. Delivered c-section. And it has been hard. Recovery is different. And my “village” isn’t the same. Some days are definitely harder than others. It’s all so new now that I also have a spirited 2-year-old. More exhausted. More emotional.

After 10 years of trying for a baby, I delivered my first child on March 2nd. Thankfully my son, husband and I are all healthy but this is not what I imagined hoped postpartum would be like. I’m already nervous as a first time mom but this virus has compounded my fear. It also breaks my heart that all the grandparents who have prayed for this grandchild have to continue waiting to hold him and I pray they stay healthy. I am thankful for all the nurses and doctors fighting the good fight. I’m also thankful for FaceTime and Zoom because this is how our family and friends have met our son. Stay strong mamas!

I gave birth three weeks ago! Just wanted to let you expecting mamas know that having a newborn at home is such a ray of light during this craziness. She has brought us so much peace. While birth may look different and all my plans went out the window, bringing my baby home has been the best. You all got this!

Prenatal visits & COVID-19: What to ask your healthcare provider

  • Can I still come in for prenatal visits or will they be virtual?
  • Will I see you or whoever is available?
  • How should I prepare for a virtual visit?
  • Will I have to take my blood pressure on my own?
  • Will I have to test my urine at home?
  • What supplies will I need?
  • Will tests still be done in the office?
  • When I come to the office, can my partner or support person be with me?
  • If my partner or support person can't be with me, can we be on video chat or speaker phone?
  • Can I record or film the visit?
  • Will I wait in my car instead of the waiting room?
  • Do I need to bring anything to the office, like a mask and gloves?
  • How are you screening people that come into the waiting room before appointments?

Labor and Delivery & COVID-19: What to ask your OBGYN now

  • Do you have specific instructions on when I should arrive at the hospital?
  • Where should I check in for labor?
  • Will I have to wear a mask and protective gear in labor?
  • Will the doctors and nurses who attend me be wearing protective gear?
  • Can my partner or support person be with me during labor?
  • If someone can join me, what are your guidelines for coming and going?
  • If my partner or support person can't be there, can we be on video chat or speaker phone?
  • Can I record or film the birth?
  • Will you deliver the baby or will it be whoever is on call?
  • Will I be tested for COVID-19 during labor?
  • What happens if I test positive?
  • Will my baby be tested for COVID-19?
  • Will my partner be allowed to visit me and the baby after delivery?
  • Will anyone else be allowed to visit after delivery?
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