Stubborn children

Stubborn children

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2 What is Age Syndrome?The first of these periods is between 18-30 months. This period is called Yaş 2 Age Syndrome tarafından by experts. The mood of the child in the period between 0-1 years is shaped according to the physical needs of the child and his / her parents. His wishes are mostly to meet his physical needs (such as feeding him if he is hungry, sleeping him if he is sleepless) and of course he is 100% dependent on his parents in meeting these needs. The baby's emotions are like a mirror of the mother's emotions, the baby looks at the world through the window her mother looks at.2 What are the symptoms of Age Syndrome?After the age of 1, the baby develops rapidly in some areas and starts doing things on his own without the need for a mother. The best example of this can be observed from the moment it starts to walk. When the baby begins to walk independently, the mother needs less and less to hold her and guide her. Thus, for the first time in his short life, he wants to walk in his own direction and begins to object to the mother's limitation. The most prominent feature of this period is that the baby now object to everything and use the word “NO çok very often. Therefore, the first “conflicts arasında between the baby and the mother begin. It is possible to observe this conflict in almost every area. Eating, sleeping, dressing has become a war. Moreover, as long as the parents insist on this issue, the child resists more and inevitably enters the situation.How do children experience a change in the age of 2?The age of 2 is the most important and difficult period of healthy child development. The age of 2, when children begin to fly with their own wings and declare their freedom, is a very difficult period. Especially in children, significant changes occur between the 12th and 36th months, which is called the 'autonomy period'.Why do children get so angry in the age of 2? Why is this period difficult for parents?Frequent bouts of anger give parents a hard time. We define this period as '2 years of insanity' (theterribletwos). With the age of 2, children are not content with just walking and talking; they get angry, they cry and they get anger. Until recently, your cheerful, easy-to-listen and easy-to-manage child can suddenly become upside down and cranky. The child, in constant conflict with his parents, does exactly the opposite of what he wants.Why do children often use the word 'no' during this period?Children learn the power of the word 'no' early. They often use the word 'no' to defend themselves and prove themselves free. Even if this is harassing, the child tries to test his self-confidence and his freedom by saying 'no'.Sometimes we see children in anger crisis. What should be done? Especially two year old children; they can often get into anger crisis in public places, for example in a shopping center (where parents are vulnerable and cannot say 'no'). They can throw themselves from the ground, scream and cry. They may harm themselves or others (such as biting and pinching.).2 Age What should parents do against children with syndrome and how should they approach the child?The most important point is; In this period, the attitudes of the parents should change, not the child. First of all, the parents should accept that this period is a temporary period and that the reason for the negative behaviors of the child is actually a result of the development in the child. Eliminate stress triggers. For example, you travel outside. If you feel seriously cranky when you feel hunger, always have something to eat with you for emergencies. Carry your favorite toys everywhere. Never identify your child as incompatible, poorly raised or bad child during this period. After the age of 3 you will have a level of development that can adapt to you and the rules you have set. As your child grows up, you should get to know the developmental period very well, because sometimes normal behavior can be considered a problem by parents. You can get development advice from experts to eliminate this.Compiled by: Ege EBCİN
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