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Book Advice For Stress Free Toilet Training!

Book Advice For Stress Free Toilet Training!

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If the age of toilet training would be a magical one, maybe everything would be easier. Imagine that you woke up one morning, gave the pot or took it to the toilet and your child immediately accepted. Hooop hands up!

In the diaper process, some children immediately adapt to this change, while others may take much longer. If you respond to the signs given by your child, you can both get through the transition to toilet habit more easily. This week, we talked about books that you can read with your children during the toilet training process.

So let's start!

Teo's Poop Book

Writer: Rain Artukmac - Pinar Cakir Aksu

Illustrated by: Nurbanu Asena

Publisher: Bilgi Publishing House

Teo, instead of telling his mother or father when the toilet comes to diapers prefer to. Teo is reluctant, even though his mother says he can do it now.

But one day, while playing with his friends in the park, Teo likes his friend Zeyno to go to the toilet with his mother, and when they return home in the evening, he starts asking his mother about the toilet.

Although he is worried about where his poop will go and how it is formed in his abdomen, his parents support him by informing him. So Teo is having her first experience with her toilet bowl.

My favorite part of the book is that Teo is uneasy about his poop and his family supports him without being forced. At the end of the book, there are suggestions about how families can support the child in this process.

Faresu Small Puddle with Rabbit

Written and Illustrated by: Axel Scheffler

Translator: Contact Berrak directly

Publisher: Always Book

Rabbit and Faresu are one of my favorite heroes. They also love spending time together. Yet one day they play together with pleasure Tavşancan forgets to go to the toilet because of diving into the game and kidnaps it.

Rabbit is very embarrassed at that moment and he doesn't know what to do, but his friend Faresu supports him by saying that things can happen to everyone. It's a sweet story from Axel Scheffler, both for friendship and to make the little kidnappers feel more comfortable.

Goodbye Poop

Writer: Exhibition Camara

Publisher: Gold Books

It is time for Arda to leave the diaper, but she is not very willing about it. And because he's holding his poop, his stomach hurts.

In this way, in order to support her mother and father Arda so that she does not suffer any more and leave the diaper, they guide her on how to say goodbye to her poo.

Now Arda has only one thing to do: send her poop to where it belongs! Will he succeed?

Everything I Know About Kaka

writer: Jaume Copons

Illustrated by: Merce Gali

Translator: Contact Mehmet directly

Publisher: Tekir Book

It's the word that we all love to use in the community (!), Poop! The famous word that everyone does but sometimes people are ashamed to say.

But aren't we talking about something universal that you, me, your mother, your father, your uncle, your aunt, even animals do? Well, why can't we just relax?

One of the most beautiful books I've read on poop that you'll read with giggling with the little ones during toilet training. Of course not only for this period, but also guaranteed to laugh at normal time! 

It hurts while pooping

Writer: Howard J. Bennett

Illustrated by: A.D. Weber

Translator: Contact selim directly

Publisher: Recited Us Publications

Toilet training is one of the situations in which every parent approaches with great fear and anxiety. Children can be as worried about switching from diapers to closets.

Often the child can refuse toilets because of fears such as siphoning, toilet holes or falling into the toilet. However, the fact that the child likes to have his / her toilets under his / her control and tries to extend this process as much as possible is another factor.

He tells how Ryan has found a solution to this process, fearing that it will hurt when he is flushing his poo in Hurts. At the end of the book, there are also suggestions that families can benefit from and a note for parents.


Writer: Sophie Bellier

Illustrated by: Marie Quentree

Translator: View Strong's Full Profile

Publisher: 1001 Flower Books

Madi doesn't like walking around with a wet cloth like before. Because his butt feels cold and he doesn't smell nice.

His father receives a potty for Madi as a present. He shows it to all his friends thinking it's a toy, but his friends laugh at Madi.

Finally, his friends tell Madi that this is a potty and what it does, but does Madi use the pot?

Mumu's Toilet Book - Princess Lulu's Toilet Book

design: Andrea Pinnington & Melanie Williamson

Translated by: View Melike's Full Profile

Publisher: Pearson Publications

I would like to talk about two books that you will use frequently during the diaper release period and are resistant to impacts with their size and hard cover structure; Captain Candle and Princess Lulu!

Both of our heroes use diapers, as you might have guessed, but one day they decide that the diapers are no longer suitable for them and decide to quit. Of course, the mother of this process more fun to pass on behalf of their favorite seats and underwear does not neglect to buy.

Maybe Mumu and Lulu can also be your children's best friend in the process of dropping diapers!

Say Goodbye to Rachel and Johnny Beze

Written and Illustrated by: Dania Florino

Translator: Contact Derya directly

Publisher: Beta Kids Publisher

Sister Rachel decides to teach her younger brother Johnny what she knows about the potty. Because he thinks Johnny should get rid of the diaper.

In this process, he tells his brother what the potty is, how to use it, how to do his personal cleaning after the toilet, and helps him to leave the diaper.

I wonder if he could convince his sister Johnny about this.

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