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Guide to Communicating with Your Child by Horoscope!

Guide to Communicating with Your Child by Horoscope!

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Dear parents, astrological birth chart by I told you what information you might have about your child.

With astrological counseling, you can get tips in many different areas of life, including your child's behavior, his / her reactions in certain situations, his / her learning model, his / her competencies and abilities, his / her peer relationships, his / her professional potential and even how he / she sees you.

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14.03.2019 and there is an important event in the sky these days; Mercury Retrospective 

In this week's article, I will talk to you about what Mercury Retro is and how you can communicate with your child more comfortably in this period.

In order to understand what Mercury retron represents, whose effects will continue until the end of the month, let's first look at the titles that Mercury symbolizes: Mind, communication, thinking, agreements, trade, travels, expression, trainings, writing, media press, launches.

Retro is the period in which we observe a planet in its orbit as if it were moving backwards from a world perspective.

Of course, the planet does not move backwards, it is just what we see, and astrology is a very symbolic language. According to this symbolic language, if a planet is in Retro movement, it creates difficulties in the subjects it represents.

In short, if Mercury is back in the sky, we all have difficulties in matters such as communications, agreements, travels represented by Mercury.

So as an astrologer, my advice to parents during Mercury's retrospective period is express themselves clearly and clearly, be patient.

Especially the Mercury retrospective these days Pisces confusion, dreamer attitudes, clumsiness, the possibility of blood / deceit, thoughtfulness, addictions will be high probability.

So, do you wonder what kind of communication you prefer according to your child's sign? What do you think is the basic needs of your child, whether Mercury is retrospectively or not? How should you approach him? Come on, let's have a look.

Don't forget to read your child's sign and share your own experiences in the comments!

How does your child choose a communication style according to her sign?

Aries Children

Aries children will be much more agile, active, enthusiastic, active. With their endless energies, they always do. They put themselves in a naive way, they don't know bad intentions.

They act without thinking. Their goal is to do something right now. Therefore, they can make a selfish and compelling image. They don't like rules and restrictions.

Do not start speaking with negative sentences to break your child's motivation in Aries.

Instead of fireworks flashing high energy at one time, maybe a little less shining volume but for a long time use them as a star remaining in the sky help me.

Taurus Children

Taurus children will be fond of the comfort area. Download to you sloth in what appears to be your child may be in pursuit of feeling safe and therefore avoiding change.

Be safe, produce long-term results, Being fixed bull sign are keywords for your child. It's hard to get him to insist on what you want.

He has to ask himself to do something. Moreover, it will take time to take action for this cause.

Gemini Children

Your Gemini child must be very talkative, sociable, self-contained! But establish long-term bonds, it may be difficult to focus on working on specific topics in depth.

He needs pill information and fun content to keep his attention always alive. His curiosity will be very broad and endless. It will be useful to teach curiosity and focus on specific areas at an early age. Socializing with peers will always be good.


Your child will always be very fond of the family, especially the mother. Because it has a delicate and fragile structure, you will not know when to interrupt! Therefore, it is very important how you express yourself.

In the face of oppressive attitudes more can be withdrawn. Remember, it's a crab! If necessary, it can be drawn into the shell.

It is very important that you are sensitive to your feelings. Keeping angry while he cries will have no effect. On the contrary, it would be useful to speak at the early age of talking about feelings and expressing their feelings correctly.

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Leo Children

Your child may be very enthusiastic, roaring, demanding, applauding.

His need to be approved, to be accepted! The best time she feels accepted is when she appreciates you.

The best thing you can do is sign your lion instill

Therefore, you can do self-compassion work together. In addition, rather than strictly punish behaviors that you do not like, it is better to express by speaking, find the middle way without damaging the Lion king ego. Play and theater, stage works You can get insight into the inner world of your child.

Virgo Children

Virgo your child can be relatively calm, problem-free, orderly structure. He can do all the necessary work behind the scenes and go on his own day. Virgo appreciate your child, for what they do that you care about Show him.

Also because of the need for perfection from time to time in a restless mood may, critical It can assume. Let him express himself. If you feel the need to fix something you do, let it do it.

Libra Children

Libra is your child's greatest need establish balanced relationships. You will seek peace and harmony. Since he does not want to argue, he may have difficulty expressing his negative emotions and may throw his anger and anger into himself.

This attitude in the long run mental health, I also recommend you to teach yourself how to express yourself in a healthy way when you have negative or negative feelings in relationships.

In addition, art, aesthetics, beauty, clothing, dressing will always enjoy it. In order to understand his emotions, pay attention to his paintings and his sculptures.

Scorpio Children

Your Scorpio child may be a character with ups and downs, experiencing emotional crises. He won't be an easy kid.

Owning, jealous attitudes It may exhibit. For example, he may be jealous of his brother, obsessive and ambitious when he loses in games. The basic need here is to be strong.

If he's not strong, he doesn't win, he doesn't feel safe if he doesn't have things. Therefore, it will be beneficial to instill the awareness that life is a safe place. also emotional crises and ups and downs see how you can manage it, and teach it.

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Sagittarius Children

Sagittarius if you have children in your life quite cheerful, fun, wanting to pursue adventure means you have a character.

The impulse will always be to explore, learn, unfold and expand. Foreign languages, different cultures, travels will be of interest.

Feed him as much as you can on these issues. When he gets cranky or restless, it's good to take him outdoors and let him walk around.. Also your Sagittarius child may be a bit offhand. That's why I say not every word is very personal.

Capricorn Children

If you have a child in Capricorn, the most basic requirement is success, is prestige and prestige remember. He wants to know that you respect him in communication. There will be certain limits. He'il want to see what he's accomplished.

For this reason, the ambitious attitudes. Capricorn is the person in your child's life family and career, love and success together It is worth reminding that you will be more satisfied in case.

I also recommend that you do not interrupt it while you do a job, and that you respect it.

Aquarius Children

If you have a Aquarius child at home screams of freedom means. He'il never want to follow the rules. He has what he wants to do for himself, and only he can decide how to do it.

It will block you immediately if you get too much involved. Therefore, when asking for something or expressing your comments about their actions, I advise you to do so without interfering with your free will.

In addition, when talking, doing something will always have a unique attitude. It doesn't go in the usual ways! Support him to express himself freely.

Pisces Children

If you have a Pisces child, first of all, make sure to establish soft communication, create space to reveal its emotional structure.

It won't come too tight, the fish won't stop, it will find a way to get out of the rules you set by displaying a variable structure! Melancholic, depressed or feisty tends to be.

You also want to be one with everyone; compassionate, compassionate, willing to help. However, he may need to learn to protect himself, especially in his relationships with his peers, as he is unable to draw his limits. Cats will be very kind to dogs.

It is highly influenced by the good or bad energy of others, and it can dissipate in crowds. You will also be quite creative, direct to art.

See you next time.

Don't forget to leave your thoughts as comments.


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