Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Foods!

Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Foods!

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Parents always want to do the best for their baby's nutrition, care and development. Although every subject related to her little cubs is special and valuable, the place of nutrition is different.

One of the best things a mother can do for her offspring is to feed her with breast milk.

Breast milk is the ideal food for your baby for the first 6 months.

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Sometimes the process does not work as planned and you may have to feed your baby with formula food.

The mother is taking medication due to health problems, mastitis and chest crack like breastfeeding problems, psychological disorders, insufficient milk mothers may not be able to breastfeed their babies because of the lack of or no.

In such a case you will surely find alternatives to feed your baby and baby food You'll use. However, when there are so many different products on the market, it is normal to worry about choosing the best one for your baby.

The only way to eliminate your concerns is to know about baby food.

Formula Foods

When the milk of the woman who had given birth in old times did not come, the baby was fed with sugar water immediately so that she would not starve and lose her resistance to any disease, especially jaundice.

In the following days, feeding was continued with cow or goat milk. Considering that people were not as conscious as they are today, and that access to information and specialist doctors was very difficult at that time, it would be acceptable.

But today, trying to give a newborn baby sugar water is unacceptable! Moreover, sugar is known to be harmful even for adults.

Vitamins and minerals in foods such as cow's milk and goat's milk are much higher than breast milk. Therefore, it forces the kidneys of the little ones. Kidneys do not have the enzymes to digest this level.

Again, the nutrient content of cows, sheep and goat milk can cause allergic reactions and diseases such as asthma in infants.

The lack of iodine and folic acid in its contents negatively affects the development of intelligence, and the lack of iron as much as breast milk can cause iron deficiency.

If so; If you are not able to feed your baby with breast milk, the best way to feed it is formula.

Features for Best Baby Food

If you cannot feed your baby naturally, you know very well what to feed. But for your pup best baby food Do you know how to decide?

Regardless of the brand, there are some important points to consider when choosing food.

  • Must be approved by the Ministry of Health!

Regardless of the brand of food you will get, one of the most important things to be aware of is that it is approved by the Ministry of Health.

You can safely use the products approved by the Ministry of Health, whose licensing, production, packaging and distribution procedures have been followed under appropriate conditions.

  • Your baby should be suitable for the month and age!

Special baby food is available for different age ranges from birth to 3 years. Foods suitable for the age range are produced with content that will meet the nutritional content of the baby in that period and support the development.

The scale and daily consumption of each brand and each age group differ.

  • Whatever the brand of Mama, the content should be suitable for your baby!

Formulas from cow's milk and whey proteins contain the proteins closest to breast milk, making it the best choice for infants.

However, sometimes in case of special circumstances, your doctor may recommend a different brand of formula.

  • Some babies take part in cow's milk. allergy to lactose and proteins can. Babies with allergies to cow's milk content will most likely be allergic to goat and sheep milk-based formulas, so your doctor may recommend soy-based formulas.
  • For infants who are allergic to formula foods made with both animal products such as cow, sheep and goat milk, and vegetable products such as soy, special foods that are easy to digest should be used.
  • Since both the digestive system and kidneys of premature or underweight babies do not develop well, the product you choose for them should have a content that will not force the digestive and excretory system.

In addition, premature babies need to grow faster than other babies. L-methionine, omega-3 and omaga-6 reinforced, higher calorie foods should be preferred. Many brands of formula produce special formulas for premature babies.

  • The content should be close to breast milk!

The biggest deficiency of ready-made milk DHA (Dokozahekzaenoic Acid) and ARA (Arachidonic Acid) long-chain structure, such as the most common fatty acids in breast milk.

Fortunately, thanks to developing technology today, very close to breast milk baby food can be produced. So, in order to choose the right product, it is useful to check whether it contains long chain structures such as DHA and ARA.

  • Pay attention to the expiration date and packaging!

You should always look at the expiration date of the product you are going to buy and choose the products with a life span of more than 6 months. Package should not be torn, worn, crushed products. You should definitely stay away from faded products, because they are probably faded in the sun.

If you think that you will use the product for at least 10 days and you will open and close the cover several times every day, the product package should be designed to be convenient, easy to open and close, designed to prevent air and deterioration. It is also important to have a measuring spoon in it.

  • Be organic!

Genetically modified (GMO) products should not be included in the formula. Options made entirely from organic materials will be the best baby food for your baby.

Of course, every mother's dream is to feed her baby with her own milk. But otherwise, in cases where milk is not enough or not at all, ready food will be your greatest savior.

Baby food If you are sure that you have found the most suitable food for your offspring, you can continue to feed it safely.

However, if the baby has health problems such as gas pains, allergies or diarrhea after feeding, or if he refuses to drink due to dislike of the intensity of the food, you should not give up and try different types of food.

Then all you have to do is watch your baby grow healthily.

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