5 Ways to Deal with Emotional Hunger Crises!

5 Ways to Deal with Emotional Hunger Crises!

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Emotional Hunger Crises

Aren't we all a fearful dream of emotional hunger crises?

We get angry, eat and regret… At night we wake up from our sleep and find ourselves in front of the refrigerator. We are depressed, we have work stress, we are deprived of sleep. In these cases, we hit ourselves with more food…

You may have feelings, not your hungry stomach!

Our Body or Emotions?

  • If emotional hunger occurs suddenly physical hunger gradual felt.
  • We can postpone physical hunger, but not emotional hunger. It's like an emergency.
  • Food selection is limited in emotional fasting. Junk food on target, unhealthy foods has.
  • Emotional hunger is often a feeling of regret after consumption. In physical hunger, we know that we really need it, and no regret occurs.
  • Emotional hunger stress Triggered by. Physical hunger occurs when the person does not get the energy that he or she needs to get daily.
  • There is no saturation point in emotional hunger In physical hunger, one serving is sufficient. The person does not need a second portion.

5 Ways to Deal with Emotional Hunger Crises!

To avoid emotional hunger, you must first know the definition of your current hunger.You can easily define your hunger status by bringing the above mentioned items into consideration.

Proper nutrition!

The first rule of coping with emotional hunger is through proper nutrition.

Leaving your body hungry for longer limited, stressful and grumpy It makes. If we want to prevent emotional hunger, we must first give up eating behavior incorrectly.

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast and don't skip your meals.

Meals metabolism “Let's work” means. It balances our blood sugar and ensures that we do not overload the main meals. Create an order to feed yourself in 3 main, 2 or 3 snacks during the day.

Stress Away from the Kitchen on the Go!

When you are under stress, first remove yourself from the kitchen and postpone whatever you wish to eat at that moment.

I'm not saying don't eat!

Ikna If you are considering eating cookies to relieve your stress, convince yourself to postpone eating cookies. After a while you will feel that your hunger is gone. Dr. Patricia.

Walking especially in daylight happiness hormones serotonin and endorphin it raises just like chocolate does. Two birds on a stone!

For Green Tea!

In a 2009 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea drinking inversely related to stress is found.

Psychological stress levels of those who drink at least five cups of green tea a day compared to those who drink less than one cup a day 20% lower is said to be

Green tea increases relaxation, calms down. It has been shown to increase dopamine levels and help lower blood pressure. L-theanine amino acid includes

Get Support from Foods That Help Reduce Stress!

Fish is one of the healthiest choices that leads to war

Especially salmon, sardines and mackerel.

Zinc also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

When you feel stressed and unhappy nuts, peanuts, walnuts such as high zinc content can get support.

You can enrich your breakfast with tomato

Cocoa is called serotonin in the body thanks to its bioactive nutrient components and magnesium. happiness hormone secretion increases.

Cocoa ratio in stressful situations Two square dark chocolate with 70% no harm to eating

Stress is the enemy of fruits; banana, avocado, blueberries and plums.

It is one of the nutrients that reduce stress in milk with its calcium-rich content.

Love Yourself!

Above all, love yourself!

Because you will not get into the heart of the effects of external warnings when you love yourself.

The most important thing is yourself! 

Always remind yourself of this.

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