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How to Choose a Car Seat (Car Seat Selection Guide)

How to Choose a Car Seat (Car Seat Selection Guide)

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,, What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Car Seat!

It's time to buy a car seat, but you have a lot of questions, don't you?

“Which car seat should I buy?”

Hang What is the best car seat? ”

Which car seat suits you best? What should you consider when buying a car seat? In this article, which we enriched with our car seat recommendations, we first compiled all the questions in your mind and then answered them…

If you have any questions other than the questions we answered below, please share with us.

What to take into consideration when buying a baby car seat?

There are several main factors to consider when selecting a car seat. First, which type of car seat is appropriate for your child's age and height?

If your child is under 13 kg and 85 cm, your child can use the mother's lap.

Another option is to have models that can grow and rotate with your child for several years.

Keep in mind! All Joie front and rear swivel car seats can be used from birth.

Your child can use the car seat's 5-point belt buckle up to 18 kg or 105 cm, and when they exceed these dimensions, they should switch to the booster.

Secondly, consider which installation method is right for you. If in your car ISOFIX If you have port, you can choose between ISOFIX installation or vehicle belt installation.

We know it is very difficult to decide… But you have to start somewhere Click here to see the car seats in ebebek:

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Finally,How long do you want to use the car seat?

You may find it more convenient to use 3 different seats during the growth stages (the main arm, the front and rear swivel, riser), or you may wish to use a single seat for all of them.

Just sort by groups and find the one that suits you best.

Car Seat Groups

From birth up to 13 kg
GROUP 1: 9-18 kg
GROUP 2: 15-25 kg
GROUP 3: 22-36 kg

Click for 0-13 Kg Car Seats: //

Click here for 9-18 Kg: //

For 15-36 Kg: //

Which standards should the car seat be produced?

ECE R44 / 04

ECE R44 / 04 These are the car seats used by the European regulation.

I you

The i-Size is the new car seat standard approved in July 2013.

Although the i-Size currently goes parallel in R44 / 04, there are several important differences from the R44 / 04 regulation:

Standardized side impact tests for the first time,
Frequent control of head trauma and abdominal pressure criteria to ensure the safety of the child,
Mandatory retrospective use up to 15 months,
New and advanced technology accident test dummy, mimicking the child's body more precisely,
ISOFIX installation required for main seat and car seats,
Classification of the seat based on the height of the child instead of weight.

If our car seat is not i-Size, do I need to buy a new car seat?

No, you do not need to buy an i-Size approved seat if it meets the current (R44) safety checks, if it is the right size and in good condition.

Should I pay attention to weight or paint when choosing a car seat?

This can be a bit confusing since there are currently two types of regulations operating in parallel. The new regulations, known as R129 or i-Size, indicate that parents should be selected according to their height since they are more familiar with their height measurements.

Any new ISOFIX car seats introduced to the market after 2018 can be selected by paint, while the old regulation can be selected by weight according to R44.

Car seats that comply with the regulations are safe and legal to use, so both apply.

If you are a new parent, you can use the size criteria!

Which direction should it look?

How long can we use our car seat backwards?

When consulting international doctors and child safety experts, they agree that looking backwards is the safest way to extend their use as much as possible.

For vital safety requirements, such as shock absorption, protection of the child's head, neck and spine, rearward seating is 73% safer than forward-facing.

When should we move from the mother's lap to the forward and backward-facing car seat?

When the child reaches 13 kg or 85 cm, the mother's lap has exceeded the standards.

Your baby should continue to look backwards at least 9 kg (ECE R44 / 04 standards) or up to 75 cm and 15 months (ECE R129 / 01 standards) in the seat that can be swiveled forward and back on the mother's lap.

We recommend using it as far back as possible.

Can I use the car seat when facing rearward in the front seat?

If the airbag is deactivated, rear-facing car seats can be used on the front passenger seat.

Do not forget! Child car seat,as far as possible in the rear seats of the vehicle.Always Refer to the instructions in your vehicle's owner's manual and follow the instructions.


Is an amplifier needed?

Vehicle belts are designed to prevent adults from falling securely around the hips and shoulders.

The booster has been developed to ensure that the seatbelts of the older children also touch the right places. Thanks to the riser, the belts will grasp the areas that the belt should grasp as if sitting in the vehicle seat instead of grasping the neck or abdomen.

Click to review the amplifiers: //

Everything You Need to Know About Car Seat (Booster):

Car seat manufacturers are not allowed to produce booster for children less than 125 cm or less than 22 kg. The dimensions of children vary, of course, from child to child, but the dimensions we have mentioned are those of a 7-8 year-old child.

The purpose of this rule is that the high back risers provide more side impact protection and ensure that the child is seated…

At the same time, the car seat belt helps the child to grasp the body properly and protect it in the best possible way in the event of an accident.

This means that there will be no backless risers for children 125 cm tall in stores.
it does not. This means that only car seat manufacturers cannot produce backless risers for children less than 125 cm or less than 22 kg.

Are backless risers unsafe for my child?

Backless risers are still legal and proven with safety certifications.

The aim of the new law is to prevent or not increase the use of backless booster for children of 15 kg or more.

We recommend that parents pass the high-backed riser as early as possible and use it for as long as possible, ie you should use it until you reach the 150 cm legal limit.

On average, this means that your child should sit in a booster until they reach 150 cm or 12 years. It will no doubt provide better protection for your child in the event of an accident… Safety first!

Can I use the backless booster even though my child is smaller than the new regulation?

Yes, as long as the riser complies with the current regulation,
You can use. However, you should keep in mind that the new law has been introduced to increase the safety of your child.

Raised seats offer superior side impact protection and improved fit with the car seat belt.

Can I continue to use my car seat if I have an accident?

If you have had an accident, first of all it will be too late geçmiş We hope you don't need to learn the answer to this question.

However, any car seat connected to an accident-damaged car must be replaced.

Your chair may look good, but that's not enough. There may be internal damage that you cannot see with the eye and make the seat unsafe. Please replace the seat to be sure.

Ask your insurance company to cover your property damage and the scope of your insurance.

Does the car seat have a lifetime?

How long can the car seats be used?

Car seats have “best” dates, but it is best to replace the belt seats 7 years after production and 10 years after production.

Can I use a second hand car seat safely?

We do not recommend using a second hand car seat. If you bought it and there was no visible damage, you wouldn't know whether the seat would have survived an accident.

Impacted car seats are not considered usable because their structural integrity may be impaired. When it comes to second-hand seats, it's not worth the risk!

Do I need a child car seat in the taxi?

In practice this may force you, but we need to choose the safest one, and yes, you need to use a car seat in the taxi.

What are the parts of the car seat?

What is the upper belt?

The upper belt corresponds to the backrest of the vehicle attached to the car seat and to the port adjustable belt.

The purpose of the upper belt is to prevent excessive movement of the car seat in the event of an accident and to reduce the risk of injury.

What is a load leg?

The load leg is the support extending from the center of the car seat to the floor of the vehicle. The purpose of the load leg is to prevent excessive movement of the car seat during an accident and to absorb its energy at the time of the accident.

What is a splash guard?

The anti-splash bar is used to provide extra splash protection in the rearward facing car seat.

During a front impact in an accident, the car seat bounces first in the accident direction and then in the direction of the car seat. The splash protection bar prevents the seat from bouncing in such a way that the child comes into contact with the vehicle seat.
Why do some car seats have no splash bar?

Splash prevention bars are not a necessity. Most car seats can reduce impact spikes at the point of contact with the car seat. Some car seats do not need this bar to prevent splashing.

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is an alternative seating system for vehicle seats.

If your vehicle has ISOFIX anchor points, you can attach the ISOFIX car seat to the ISOFIX anchor points of the car seat and fasten it without the use of a belt.

Is ISOFIX safer than a vehicle belt?

ISOFIX itself is not safer than vehicle belt installation. ISOFIX is easier to use correctly. The vehicle is equally safe with a car seat installed with a seat belt, automates the process by reducing the risks of human installation failure and separates it from the vehicle belt as it prevents a human risk.

What are car seat belt clips and should I use them?

Belt chest clips are designed to prevent the child from sliding off the shoulders and seat. However, most clips do not comply with European regulations and we do not recommend the use of car seat clips as there is a risk that they may compromise the safety of the car seat.

Why shouldn't my child wear a winter coat while he is in the car seat?

The added swelling with the winter coat means that the car seat belt will become too loose if the child jumps further in the accident. This means that the desired efficiency cannot be obtained from the car seat and that safety cannot be fully ensured.

It would be a much better idea for the child to sit without a coat in the car seat and to cover it with a blanket in the car seat.

The car seat is a must for your baby's safety. At the same time, you can leave us your comments about the car seat which is a legal necessity and share our article with your loved ones!

Healthy days 🙂

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