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All About Mother Baby Yoga!

All About Mother Baby Yoga!

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All About Mother Baby Yoga!

When your mini is born, a new page opens for both parties. If you become a mother for the first time, you will be learning and developing with your baby. However, first or not motherhood is a responsibility that is exhausting as well as beautiful after birth.

In the post-pregnancy period when you are in physical and psychological changes, you will want to save your body from the effects of birth and you will wish to regain your former appearance.

In the meantime, your baby will try to get used to the new order and you will need to be satisfied.

After the puerperium process with your baby while struggling with all these innovations, until he rebels; that you can easily apply until about 1 year mother baby yoga Thanks to this you can give your life a new perspective. So you can enjoy the beauty of yoga with your little baby!

What is mother and baby yoga, how is it done, what are the benefits?

What is Mother Baby Yoga?

Mother yoga is a version of yoga that is adapted to the way you can do with your baby.

By touching your baby, you can perform a different activity during the day by stretching your hands, arms and legs with simple movements.

Importance of Yoga for Mother and Baby

Yoga; is an application whose homeland is India and based on your physical, spiritual, mental integrity. It allows you to reach and relax your spiritual awareness by helping to free your mind while relaxing your body with physical movements to stretch your body.

Therefore, the popularity of yoga has increased considerably in recent years. Yoga helps you to get away from the stress and fatigue of the day, flexing movements and helps to get your body into shape.

Considering the effect of yoga on the human body, fresh mothers and newborn babies It is not a coincidence to see that it is the most ideal application they can apply to adapt easily to their new life!

Mothers may have difficulty from time to time as a result of physical and hormonal changes in their bodies. The little ones can experience sleep problems, digestive and intestinal problems following a comfortable environment in the womb.

In addition, the bond established between mother and baby during this period is very important for the future of the relationship with the child. With mother baby yoga, you can relax yourself and your mini while spending time with your baby.

Contact with your child will strengthen the bond between you. Especially baby yoga, sleep and feeding order is very useful for the little ones trying to settle.

What are the Benefits of Mother Baby Yoga?

Yoga is a type of exercise that you can do at home on your own without having to push your physical limits. Unlike other sports, it allows you to listen to your soul.

Yoga, which flexes muscles and empties minds, provides important benefits for mothers and babies.

Child yoga benefits, can be examined under two headings;

The benefits of yoga for your little baby;

  • It increases the resistance of your body and strengthens your immune system.
  • With a relaxing and soothing effect, your baby becomes more happy and peaceful.
  • Children's Yoga With your baby's body strengthens physically.
  • It stimulates all the sensory organs of your little pup.
  • Simple exercise exercises support your baby's muscle development.
  • It helps in digestion and intestinal problems such as constipation, gas pains and colic that may occur in your baby.
  • It helps your baby sleep better and better quality.
  • Increases the flexibility of your mini spine.
  • It is a fun activity for your baby.
  • Your contacts with yoga have positive effects on your little girl's nervous system.
  • The activity you do with your baby helps strengthen his sense of trust.

The benefits of yoga to mothers;

  • It helps in tightening your body after birth and getting into shape.
  • Helps you to get rid of the psychology of postpartum, reduces stress.
  • It will strengthen the connection and communication between you and your baby.
  • It is an ideal training to keep your baby safe and correct.
  • It is an activity where you can spend time for yourself and your baby at the same time.

Mother Baby Yoga Movements

The benefits of yoga do not stop there; but it is very important that you act consciously when you decide to do yoga with your pup.

Without realizing it, you can push your baby too much and hurt his delicate body. Therefore, from an expert baby yoga movements information and to apply accordingly.

Here are a few examples of simple yoga exercises you can do with your baby;

  1. Sitting on the floor, squatting and holding your baby. Make eye contact with him and breathe deeply. Meanwhile, keep your baby close to your chest so that your baby can feel your breathing rhythms. In this way, a simple breathing You can start yoga.
  2. Lay your little puppy on your back. Rub the abdomen slowly and in a circular motion without neglecting eye contact. Then, hold both legs and make a pedaling movement. While doing this, make sure to move your baby's legs back and forth from the knee cap. This exercise will help your baby to solve the gas problem.
  3. Sit on the floor and join your feet with your soles facing each other, slightly bending your legs from the knees. Then place your baby in the space between your legs. on the back place. Reach your feet with your hands, grasp your feet with both hands and lean on your baby. Then straighten again and repeat this movement several times slowly.
  4. Sit cross-legged. Lay your baby on your back and hold both hands and raise your arms. Stretch your baby's arms by opening and closing the arms on both sides.
  5. Lie down on your back. Raise your legs by bending the knees down from the knee parallel to the floor. Place your baby on your legs in the same position as you can. In the meantime, make contact with your baby by holding eye contact.
  6. Stand with your baby on your lap. Lay your baby face down on one arm. Swing right and left with your hand on your chest and face down. In the meantime, shift the weight to one right leg and one left leg.
  7. Stand up. Crouch up by holding your baby under your arms with your face facing you. Repeat this movement several times.

When can Baby Yoga Start?

Experts say that you can start practicing mother-baby yoga once your baby completes the 6th week.

For more petite babies, this period may take up to 3 months.

However, if you want to do yoga with your baby, it is better to ask your doctor about the ideal time for you and your baby. There may be special circumstances about your baby or you, or your actions may not be right for both of you.

By sharing this topic with your doctor mother baby yoga Together, you can determine the ideal time. After getting approval from your doctor, if you wish, you can do yoga more consciously by working with expert teachers in institutions that provide mother-baby yoga classes.

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