What is a Breastfeeding Mat? What are the benefits?

What is a Breastfeeding Mat? What are the benefits?

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After a long wait, you finally got your little baby on your lap and you got his scent. From the moment your baby opens his eyes to the world, he will need your smell and warmth.

When you feed your baby and feed him, it is one of the most special moments when your baby can meet this need.

Both the foundation of the mother-baby relationship and your baby's grow and develop with health For breastfeeding is very important.

It is recommended that you continue breastfeeding your baby until the age of 2, if possible. However, as your mini grows, you often feel difficult and tired to breastfeed, hold it, and find the appropriate position during the day.

One breastfeeding cushion It is possible to make feeding hours more enjoyable for both your baby and yourself!

Breastfeeding Guide

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Nutrition Advice During Breastfeeding

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What is a breastfeeding pillow, what are the benefits and how to use it?

What is a Breastfeeding Mat? What are the types?

By holding it on your lap, leaning on it or lying on its sideā€¦ Every mother has tried different breastfeeding positions so that her baby can get the best breast milk.

Breastfeeding cushions for breastfeeding mothers are very useful at this stage.

Breastfeeding cushion, It is a kind of pillow with fiber filling that helps support your baby from the head and hip part.

There are some types of breastfeeding cushions;

  • C-shaped ones: They resemble the crescent shape and are the most preferred models. You can support these models by placing them on your waist front or back according to your wishes and comfort.
  • Velcro: You can put your baby on the cushion and attach it to the cushion through the velcro fastener. Allows your baby to stand in a fixed position without slipping.
  • With games: They are models with a slim bed appearance, rectangular and a playground where you can place your baby in the middle.
  • Back support: They are models with a cushion to help prevent back and back pain. It has a design that you can use by placing your baby on one end and placing it on your back.

Why Should I Buy My Baby's Breastfeeding Mat?

The connection between you and your baby is of great importance for the bond between you and your child.

In this way, babies feel more secure and are more attached to their mothers. The miraculous breastfeeding times in which newborns can make this contact with their mothers are therefore very valuable.

Newborns average in the first months per day 8-10 times suction needs It feels.

These moments of breastfeeding are very valuable for mothers and their babies. However, if you have to breastfeed your baby almost every hour, it will turn into a strenuous routine for you after a while. Keep your baby constantly in your arms during breastfeeding, increase your back and back pain why could it be.

Moreover, it will become increasingly difficult to keep your baby growing and getting heavier.

To prevent gas problems and bowel problems in your baby appropriate breastfeeding position also need to provide.

Otherwise, your baby may swallow air bubbles, causing gas pains.

It is appropriate to use a breastfeeding cushion for both parties to spend their feeding moments in a peaceful and enjoyable way.

What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding Mat?

There is nothing to say about the pleasure of a mother while feeding her tiny baby. But when you need to breastfeed, both at home and outside, no matter the time and place, you may face some problems.

Although it looks like a simple pillow, benefits of breastfeeding cushion more than known. What are these benefits?

  • Breastfeeding pads, caused by incorrect grip positions reducing waist, back and arm pain provides a comfortable breastfeeding experience.
Breastfeeding cushion, helps your baby to get the right sucking position.
  • You can see that your baby, who can be fed in the right position, experiences less vomiting and removing milk.
  • Thanks to the height of the cushion, you do not have to bend to grasp the breast.
  • Soft Textured and ergonomic structure With these cushions, your baby becomes more comfortable and easier to fall asleep.
  • It can be used to help babies who crawl and sit after 6 months of age. Baby sitting cushion With these cushions, which are also preferred, you support your baby to reach a fixed sitting position.
  • Useful for families with twin babies. These pillows allow you to breastfeed both babies at the same time.
  • It helps you to easily breastfeed your baby outdoors, in the park, in the guest room or even in the car.

How to Use Breastfeeding Cushion?

What mothers are most curious about about breastfeeding pads is how they are used.

  1. First, you should place the cushion on your waist with the open part behind you. Some mothers may prefer to place the baby on the edge of the cushion by leaning on the back and bringing the open part to their fronts because they are more comfortable to use.
  2. After placing your cushion, you can check that the cushion is properly seated and put your baby on the cushion.
  3. If you wish, you can support your baby's head with your arm from the bottom of the cushion.
  4. Breastfeeding cushion will keep your baby higher, so you can start feeding without having to bend.
  5. In order to support the way your baby sits, you can sit your baby in the middle of the cushion.

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Breastfeeding Mat

There will be some points to consider when choosing your breastfeeding cushion that will integrate with you until your baby is 2 years old.

  • You should take care that the upper fabric of the cushion is cotton. So your soft-textured cushion will not disturb your baby's skin.
  • Care should be taken that the padding material is fiber.
  • Attention should be paid to choosing models without accessories such as buttons or beads. Otherwise, your baby may tear it up and throw it into your mouth while playing with them.
  • In terms of hygiene, preference should be given to designs made with machine washable fabrics.
  • Instead of as thin models as possible, higher models should be selected. The higher your baby is found, the more comfortable you will be able to perform breastfeeding.
  • The materials produced by the mattress are antiallergic and antibacterial must be.
  • Make sure your baby does not sweat.
  • A model with elastic structure should be preferred. It is an important feature of a breastfeeding cushion in order to prevent deformity of your cushion during long term use.

Your little cub breastfeeding cushionyou will be able to use your breastfeeding cushion for a long time.

Click on the link below for easy access to breastfeeding cushions!

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