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What is Indigo Child?

What is Indigo Child?

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Indigo Children

Although there are differences between the definitions in general terms indigo children;

Çocuklar Children who exhibit a series of new and unusual psychological qualities and who often display an undocumented behavior and require treatment with special forms of behavior and are believed to aim to overthrow the classical educational system. Çocuklar

Since they started to be born in the late 1970s, many adults with indigo characteristics are among us today.

What are the most common characteristics of indigo children?

In the book “Indigo Children-New Children Arrived! Lee written by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober, the common characteristics of these children are as follows:

  1. They come to the world with a sense of nobility and often behave as such.
  2. They feel they deserve to be here, and they are surprised to see that others do not share this feeling.
  3. Knowing their values ​​is not a problem for them. They often tell their parents “who they are”.
  4. They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority that does not offer an explanation or choice).
  5. They certainly don't do certain things; for example, it is difficult for them to wait in the queue.
  6. They are frustrated by systems that are ritualistic, oriented and free of creativity.
  7. They do not adapt to any system and appear to be system destructors.
  8. When they are not with their species, they appear anti-social. If there are no others with similar consciousness in their environment, they often turn into themselves and feel that no one understands them. School is extremely difficult for them socially.
  9. They will not respond to discipline by giving erek guilt ”.
  10. They don't hesitate to report their needs.

How was the “Indigo Doğ Concept Born?

The concept of indigo was first introduced in 1982 by metaphysicist Nancy Ann Tappe in lama Understanding Your Life through Color ve, and children's behavior patterns were first described in this book. Tappe explored the colors of human auras, their possible meanings, and their impact on us.

In his work, Tappe categorized certain types of human behavior and characteristics into groups of colors and created an explanatory system based on intuition. One of the color groups in his work was the indigo color called Indigo.

In 1986, consultant and speaker Lee Carroll and Jan Tober talked about these children in their book Indigo Child - The New Kids Have Arrived. Indigo was heard by the masses with this book. According to this book, many of the children born after the 1980s are indigo.

Carroll and Tober explain the reasons for writing the book:

“We were hearing a new kind of problem from parents. They were difficult and strange. They acted unexpectedly in adult and child roles and represented a displacement contrary to the experiences of our generation. Experts started talking about the same thing among themselves. Troubled parents were now surprised at what to do. We took these kids for a study. Because they needed understanding. If understood, they would be the most influential individuals of the future.”

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