When does the Baby Enter the Birth Channel?

When does the Baby Enter the Birth Channel?

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When does the Baby Enter the Birth Channel?

You learned that you were pregnant, and the miraculous 9-month period of your life, full of ups and downs, in excitement and anxiety, began.

Your body's efforts to get used to pregnancy, baby room preparations, information about the mother-baby when you look at your eyes for a long time, and you have come to the end of your pregnancy and the time has come. When you enter the last month of pregnancy, you are always alert with the possibility that birth can take place at any moment.

By the end of the month, your doctor will call you for a more frequent examination and will examine your baby's condition and position at 2-3-day intervals.

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Although there are differences from woman to woman, there are some indications that birth has begun and infantis one of these symptoms. As your baby descends into the birth canal, birth begins and progresses.

So when does this happen and how is it understood? Can you see for yourself that the baby has landed in the birth canal?


Baby Positions and Definitions

Among the most worried and worried subjects of the mothers, moment of birth revenue. There are various scenarios in your mind about when your baby's birth starts and what happens when you start.

As the date of birth approaches, your doctor may position in the abdomen and possible postures. Some conditions must have occurred before birth can begin.

It is necessary for your baby to return and move to the appropriate position for childbirth so that the birth can take place under normal conditions.

The posture of the baby in the uterus can be listed as follows;

  • Anterior Position: In this position, your baby is upside down and the baby's head is facing your back. So the face of your baby is looking at your back, the back of your head is looking at your belly. This position is the ideal position for normal delivery.
It is the type of posture where the baby is more likely to have a faster and easier birth.
  • Occiput Posterior Position: In this position your baby is upside down; but when the baby's face is looking towards your belly, the back is resting on your spine. Therefore, this position is also called 'back to back'. In these positions birth occurs more slowly and challenging It comes. However, there is also the possibility that your baby will move to the anterior position during delivery.
  • Breech Position: In this position, your baby is standing with the breech down. So it comes upside down, head up and feet down. In this case usually caesarean section preferred. Otherwise, your baby injuries or injuries It may occur.

This is the position where your baby can be found when the birth approaches. Your doctor will tell you what position your baby is in during your examinations.

It is in the mind of the expectant mothers who have obtained this information “baby returns few days before birth?” is the question.

Your baby can switch to another position at any time until it descends into the birth canal, regardless of how it stands.

For example, a baby in a posterior posture may return to an anterior posture before birth begins. Your pup will be able to change its position until the last moment.

When does the Baby Enter the Birth Channel?

As the big day approaches, the answer to these two important questions will start to arouse your curiosity; Zaman When will my baby enter the birth canal? ”And“When the baby enters the birth canal?”. The reason why these questions are frequently asked by the mothers is that the first sign of the birth is the infant's entry into the birth canal.

Generally, the descent to the birth canal starts from the 36th week of pregnancy.

However, in some pregnancies, It can extend to 40 weeks. Especially in women with first pregnancy, it is seen that the baby descends to the birth canal earlier, whereas in women without first pregnancy, the baby does not enter the canal until the time of delivery.

The reason for this is that during the first pregnancy, the muscles relax and become ready for delivery and the body prepares itself for easy delivery. But in other pregnancies other than the first pregnancy, Because the muscles are loosened in the previous pregnancy the baby does not enter the channel immediately.

The question of when your baby will enter the birth canal is accompanied by the question of how long after entering the channel.

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Experts are not allowed to enter There is a high probability of onset after 2 to 4 weeks states. Because the birth process will vary from mother to mother, and the duration of the pregnancies other than the first pregnancy between the entry to the channel and the delivery of the birth will be shorter.

32. Is it normal for the baby to come down a week? You can watch our video.

How does the baby enter the birth canal?

In order for birth to begin, the baby must first come out of the uterus and descend into the birth canal. Birth does not begin until the baby enters the birth canal.

When the baby's head enters the birth canal 'Engagement' is called. 'Binding' This condition, which is also called, is accepted as the starting sign of birth. In the engagement, the baby's head bones are joined in the middle. After this stage, the baby progresses gradually in the birth canal, '-3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3' and the values ​​increase as you approach the vaginal area.

Attention! There is little time left for the birth of a baby that has reached +2.

How to Tell the Baby's Birth Channel

About your pregnancy At week 36, your baby will try to land in the birth canal. It will begin. Some expectant mothers may not be aware of this; however, some candidates can observe the symptoms and understand that the baby is going down. Well, 'how do we know when the baby enters the birth canal?'

  • When the baby descends into the canal, a feeling of emptiness occurs in the upper part of your abdomen.
  • With the descent down, the pressure in your lungs will decrease and breathe more easily.
  • Increase in vaginal discharge It can be observed.
  • There is a decrease in the complaints of heartburn.

The size between the mother's belly button and the uterus becomes shorter, ie the belly button goes down.

  • There is an increase in pressure on the bladder.
  • Frequent urination request may occur.
  • False birth contractions may increase.
  • Your baby's movements in your abdomen may slow down and decrease.

What can be done to get the baby down to the birth canal?

In some pregnancies, there are situations in which the baby may be delayed to descend into the birth canal. In such cases, expectant mothers, what should I do to let the baby enter the birth canal?” question.

  • In the last months of pregnancy, some movements that will relax the body and relax your muscles will also facilitate your baby's descent. Especially kneel or stop your stomach from sagging down, increasing the pressure on the cervix. You can also ask your doctor about any other actions that may be appropriate for you.
  • A few hours of daily walks will make your baby's descent easier. You can take 1-2 hours of walking every day.
  • It is possible to facilitate the birth process by trying to continue your sexual life during pregnancy. Sexual intercourse with cervical dilatation infant it becomes more comfortable.

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