What are the dangerous foods for your baby?

What are the dangerous foods for your baby?

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What are the dangerous foods for your baby?

Until the age of one, mothers give great importance to feeding their babies. However, from one year of age, this attention begins to decrease. Researches of our children after an age junk food, hamburgers and even coke It reveals that they met with.

Yet this age is too early to meet this food!

Slimcity Founder Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ayşegül Bahar Describes the points to be considered about nutrition and errors made in the age of 1 - 3 years.

In order for a child to gain the habit of healthy eating and to maintain a healthy development, maximum care must be taken until the age of 3.

Performed by Milupa Aptamil JuniorBebek Infant Nutrition Research After One Year Old ” The results show that the situation in Turkey so heartwarming.

Research, babies at the age of 1 hamburger, cola and began to fry potatoes, and points out that many of the common mistakes. Families carrying babies to adult tables before 1 year of age oily, paste, spicy and salty foods begins to give to babies.

You can click the link below for the foods you should not give to your baby before the age of 1 year.

Allergenic foods not to be given before 1 year of age; // www. / A-years-ago-fed from the not-needed-allergen-food /

However, the contents of these foods salt and oil It increases the risk of high blood pressure, sugar and obesity in later years by creating a burden for babies' kidneys.

Between 0-12 months when food choices are at the discretion of the mother nutritional soup, yogurt and fruits in the foreground; one year later, discovering the flavor factor, the consumption of pasta, chocolate, wafers and fried potatoes is increasing.

According to the results of the research, which showed that babies meet fast food at the age of 1, two of the 10 babies start to eat burgers, fries and coke before the age of one.

Coke consumption in infants is seen to increase rapidly in the coming months. The rate, which is 6% between 0-12 months, increases approximately 7 times between 25-36 months and rises to 41%.

The situation is really grave. So what do you need to do? We asked, Slimcity Founder Nutrition and Diet Expert Aysegul Bahar answered our questions.

Everything that should and should not be done in this period!

Can babies who should stay away from salt and sugar until one year of age be given sugar and salt after this period?

Babies, like all of us, need some salt. But again, too much salt is harmful for us, just like all of us. Babies' kidneys can't handle high amounts of sodium!

For this reason, nature has already created breast milk with a very low sodium content. (In breast milk compared to 120 milligrams 5 milligrams of sodium Convenience.)

Mothers who prepare their own baby's food should do the same. Since peas or purees do not fit their own taste, salt sprinkling does not mean that their children will like it. As her mother and her guide, you should give her a chance to taste the food without mixing it with salt.

This will improve the flavor of natural food that you will have throughout your life. One year later, your child salty and sugary foods Do not try to reward.

Do not encourage desserts until the age of 3, let him discover himself. When it comes to salt, you can start consuming as much as you put in your meals. But be careful not to spill extra salt. Because your baby will start eating with you from the age of 1.

As much salt as you add to taste is enough.

Normal for about 1 year 1 g. salt administration. We can't talk about a weight for sugar. Because children do not have to eat sugar.

Foods such as chocolate and wafers are given from one year of age. What are the drawbacks of these foods?

Chocolate, sugar, wafers and carbonated drinks Up to 3 years Do not!

Since families should behave consciously about balanced nutrition, the care given to baby feeding should be continued until the age of 1, 'snack' chocolate, sugar and carbonated drinks, which are described as being in the life of children until the age of three I favor, because these foods play a very negative role in growing healthy-fed generations.

It also causes it to become fat. This kind of food makes our children completely prisoners, and children are normal to consume these foods (or because they are full because they consume them). healthy food do not eat.

Babies who have difficulty getting used to solid foods are given their meals through rondo. Is it right to feed this way? Does it create problems in terms of nutritional value of foods?

Yes, it should not be forgotten that the more foods are processed, the more nutritional losses are. The child should be accustomed to solid food from 1 year old. Maybe not by passing the rondon, but by crushing it with a fork, giving the food different names.

Ex: Monster butter potatoes and carrots (crushed carrots and boiled potatoes) or ladybug dishes on the stump (grapes, peas and carrots on celery with olive oil) and so on.

I would like to underline in particular that you do not force our children to leave their meals on the plate by trying to make them a member of the clean plate club or add as much food as they can eat.

BLW (baby-led nutrition) method have you heard of it before? Click the link below to find out now!

BLW Method: // www. / Method for BLW-in-all-things-right /

How much milk should I drink?

Normal milk is recommended for children aged 12-24 months compared to low-fat varieties.

Normal milk contains 1-2% more fat and calories. Oil is an important fuel for this period of rapid growth as a concentrated energy source. In addition, cholesterol in normal milk helps the brain development of the child in particular. From the second birthday onwards, you can change the milk type to meet your child's energy needs.

If you consume only milk daily according to your child's consumption 1 cup of milk It is sufficient.

If your baby does not drink milk, it is only necessary to cover this gap and ensure that it can consume calcium adequately. 50 gr cheese or 1 cup yogurt and 15 gr cheese 5 reasons to give goat milk to your baby, you can click on the link below to review our article.5 reasons to give goat milk to your baby! // www. / Your baby-goat-milk-giving-you-on-5 cause /

What should be the ideal baby nutrition from the age of one?

Measures of ideal child nutrition from one year of age:

Ideal Nutrition Guide for 1 Year Old Baby

Bread, cereal, rice, pasta:

  • 6 servings (1 / 4-1 / 2 slices of bread, muffin ¼-1/2, 2-3 crackers of plain crackers, dry cereals ¼ -1/3 cup, cooked cereal, rice, pasta ¼-1/3 cup)

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C:

  • 1 serving per day (1/3 cup of fruit and vegetable juice, 1/3 cup of cooked or raw chopped)

Dark green and orange fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A:

  • 1 serving per day (1/3 cup of fruit and vegetable juice, cooked or chopped raw ¼ cup)

Other fruits and vegetables:

(including potatoes) 3 servings a day (cooked chopped ¼ cup, whole 1/4, fruit and vegetable juice 1/4 cup)

Milk, yogurt or cheese 3 servings a day (milk-yogurt ½ cup, cheese 15 g)

Meat, poultry, fish, legumes, eggs and oilseeds 2 servings a day:

(lean meat, fish, poultry 1-3 tablespoons, eggs 1 grain, legumes 1-3 tablespoons, peanut / hazelnut butter 1 tbsp)

Fats and oils:

3-4 servings per day (1 teaspoon of margarine, butter, oil)

(Portions indicated in parentheses refer to 1 portion.)

Source: Manual For Clinical Dietetics, Fifth edition. Chicago.The American Dietetic Association, 2000

Is it possible to provide a sample menu?

Nutrition Menu for 1 year old “Play Age Children::

Breakfast:½ cup full of milk
½ bananas
½ teaspoon butter
½ slice of bread
Search for:1/2 cup mixed fruit juice (fresh)
Noon:½ whole yogurt
45 g steak
1/2 slice of bread
2 spoons of baked carrot
¼ boiled potatoes
1 spoon of oil
Search for:15 g cheese and ½ slices of bread
Evening:1/2 cup pasta and 2 spoons of minced sauce
2 spoons of boiled broccoli
1 spoon of oil
Search for:1/2 cup milk and ¼ apple

What foods are wrong with a baby in this age period?

From the age of one, your child should sit with you and feed as an adult. Do not place the prohibited understanding of food.

I would like to remind you that even forbidden foods are more attractive to ourselves. Also remember that your children learn by watching you.

Therefore, no matter how healthy you have habits, your babies will mimic you.

You can give them desserts as a reward and not as a reward after a meal. Don't let your kids focus on sweets. Fast foods we call junk food, ready-made chips, ready-to-sell foods and sodas are objectionable foods for our baby.

Let's make a habit of a more balanced diet so that they are not prisoners of the foods we count and we do not raise an obese generation.

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