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Masturbation in Young Children

Masturbation in Young Children

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Masturbation of children Most of his idea may be improbable or pointless for both parents. But that is the truth. Since it is more meaningful to refuse than to refuse, we recommend families to pay attention to the issue.

Seeing your little child masturbating may put you in a dead end, embarrass, annoy you and even make you cry out of desperation (I give examples from the cases that have been seen…). But don't worry and don't be afraid. Because this is normal developmental behavior. Your child's body, the body began to explore the genital area, you need to do to calm down and give your child the right reaction.

Anal Period in Freud Approach

In preschool children, there may be a situation that we can call premasturbation that arises as ”delay to go to toilet davranış. The child can delay the departure to the toilet as much as possible so as not to interrupt the game he is playing. When he is almost incontinent, when he goes to the toilet (the girls are in the last moments of delay, while the boys are peeing), he gets some impressions that we can call erotic. When the delay in going to the toilet overturns several times in a row, the child realizes the connection between delayed peeing and these liking impressions and begins to delay (for purposefully) going to the toilet in order to experience pleasure. Adults try to lead him to the toilet, but he's resistant.

Phallic Period in Freud Approach

This period covers approximately 3-6 years. Children realize that they enjoy genital organs during this period. The opposite sex openly shows more affection to the parent. During this period of development, sexual and aggressive feelings about the functions of the sexual organs gain importance. Oedipus complex is determined by the formation of sexual feelings towards the parent of different sexes and hostile feelings towards the same sex. Freud argues that extremely important personal and emotional development faces were shaped in these first 7 years. According to psychoanalysts, the child has a kind of sexual life of his own but this is very different from that of adults. The child learns gender at the beginning of this universe. When he was 3-4 years old, the child asks how he was born. At this time, the correct response should be maintained rather than the jumping responses. If this is not done, these problems can turn into a form of confusion and persist. At the age of 4-6 or later, the child feels some kind of saturation by playing with his sexual organs. It is possible to observe masturbation behavior in children during this period, this is part of a normal process.

How to Approach Your Masturbating Child

- Don't make him think he's wrong.
- Avoid punitive, judgmental embarrassing statements or attitudes
- Let him know that doing it in front of others can distract those who see
- Try to be a guide in choosing more convenient times and places
- If you think there are excessive points and if necessary, try to encourage activities that may change their interest
- Feel free to inform the child's immediate surroundings and receive support if necessary
- Most important of all masturbation be careful if other problems accompany

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