How is postpartum edema excreted?

How is postpartum edema excreted?

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Hello dear everyone!

Edema during pregnancy is one of the most common problems. During pregnancy edema problem to minimize Eight months of pregnancy nutrition we have made suggestions in our article. If you want to review, you can click the link below!

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The problem of edema during pregnancy may continue after birth. You may think that when you give birth, your belly will drop and you will lose a great deal of weight during your pregnancy, but generally first 40 days yourself tired and bulging You can feel it.

We will share with you today the ways to cope with this problem.

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How does edema occur?

During pregnancy more than 50% of blood Reaches. With increasing water consumption, the amount of fluid in the vessels increases and this leads to expansion. But since the amount of this expansion cannot fully meet the increased volume of fluid, excess fluid accumulates in the cells between the tissues; in this case edema It occurs.

Another cause of edema problem during pregnancy unhealthy eating habits can.

Attention! Inadequate protein intake and excessive salt consumption directly affect edema formation.

7 Ways to Discard Postpartum Edema!


Feeding habits of mothers in postpartum period have direct effect on edema problem.

Mom's adequate and balanced It must be fed. During the day 2-3 hours mean 6 meals food will not keep the mother hungry for a long time to keep the metabolism active
creates a balanced situation.

Timely and regular nutrition edema and circulatory disorder hampers.

Plenty of water!

Getting rid of postpartum edema problem The most effective way is plenty of water It is to drink. Drinking water will solve the edema and increase the milk of nursing mothers.

It is not the excess water that causes edema. By drinking a lot of water, the water is cycled, so our bodies say, yok I don't need to hold the water because I need the water, bana he says, and easily throws the edema.

Generally during the day 2-2.5 liters of water You should drink.

Would you like to calculate your daily water needs?
To calculate daily water need; weight x 0.033

Salt intake should be limited

Since it is known that salt holds water under normal conditions, it is recommended that mothers who go to reduce salt when the body makes edema take a balanced amount of salt.

Avoid foods that contain high levels of sodium. You should also pay attention to salt consumption to get rid of your postpartum weight.

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To minimize the problem of edema in the postpartum period parsley It is a very good alternative. When you wake up in the morning, add 1 pinch of parsley into 1 cup of hot water and let it cool. Repeat 3 days a week you will see the difference!

You can also add parsley to your meals during the day.

Do not forget! Greens increase breast milk

Here you need to pay attention to fresh brewing time when using parsley to keep a little longer.


Especially when mothers sleep adequately with their babies and sleep together, they are more easily integrated into their life. body does not fall tired and still does not hold extra edema because it is in balance.

As the body rests, blood circulation will increase and edema formation decreases again.


Pineapple is rich in vitamin A and contributes to our immune system. Pineapple contained Bromelain enzyme Thanks to the removal of excess fluid in the body helps.

According to researches bromelain in the bodyvascular permeability increases the absorption and excretion of edema accumulated in tissues.

Echinacea Tea

Less diuretic properties than other teas echinacea tea It provides protection against diseases by strengthening immunity, especially in winter.

Echinacea teadiuretic If you choose to protect yourself against diseases such as influenza.

Apart from all these suggestions, you can walk 45 minutes brisk three days a week.

We also remind you that you should consult your doctor in case of any unexpected situation or complication.

If you have any questions, you can ask our questions and answers.

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