Don't be “Mastitis ken while breastfeeding your baby!

Don't be “Mastitis ken while breastfeeding your baby!

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Don't be “Mastitis ken while breastfeeding your baby!

Yeditepe University Hospital General Surgery Specialist. Dr. Alp Demirağ stated that mastitis, which means infection in the breast, should be treated appropriately.

What is Mastitis?

Infection caused by breast tissue with skin mastitis It called.

How is mastitis seen?

Breast abscess is most common between 30 and 50 years of age. In particular, breast milk infections or milk It is common in newly discontinued women.

These infections are usually caused by bacteria leaking from a cracked nipple. Proportion of mastitis among breast patients 2-5 percent between.

In other words, it is a common subject. Mastitis, usually hygiene As the socioeconomic level increases, the incidence decreases.

What is Mastitis? 7 ways to avoid it! You can review our article.

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What are the Risk Factors of Mastitis?

There are several factors in the formation of mastitis. The most important of these is the expansion of the milk channels in the udder. Medicine Uk ductal ectasia ” As a result of this expansion, the channels are blocked and breast abscess occurs as a result of infection with microorganisms such as staphylococci.

According to research, another factor is smoking. The incidence of mastitis was higher in smokers. Another reason hormonal are changes. Decreasing and proliferation of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin increases the tendency to mastitis.

Breastfeeding, especially in women cracks Bacteria infiltrated with the formation of mastitis causes.
In addition, some vitamins mastitis It may have an effect on the formation.

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Why does it occur?

Mastitis occurs in two ways depending on the location of the abscess. The first is the central breast abscess, which is close to the head of the breast, and the other is the peripheral abscess formed in the outer quadrants of the breast. Peripheral abscesses usually occur after pregnancy.

What are the symptoms?

Each of mastitis infection There are stages such as. It starts with redness. Pain, fever in that area, sometimes lump can also.

What is the treatment?

peripheral abscess If it is caught in the early stage and there is no fluid underneath it passes with antibiotic treatment and warm dressing to the breast in 2 weeks. If antibiotics are to be given to the mother in case of abscess, the mother and the baby should be given antibiotics that do not harm.

Because antibiotics can harm the baby through milk. According to the condition of the person abscess, we discharge the abscess and do the treatment.
The other type of central breast abscess is different from mastitis in the treatment of diagnosis. It is necessary to evacuate the abscess and do research after antibiotic treatment.

Because this type of mastitis can repeat. If there is an expanding channel with ultrasound research, it is possible to remove the channel and prevent it from recurring.

What should be done to prevent mastitis?

• baby breastfeeding mothers should thoroughly wipe their breasts with white soap after each breastfeeding and rinse.
• Do not use colored soaps.
• Do not wear fabrics that irritate the nozzle.
• Suitable bras should be used to relax the breast.

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