Baby Care Tips for Mothers

Baby Care Tips for Mothers

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After months of impatient waiting, the first time you hold your baby, you will witness one of the world's greatest miracles. The fact that you will continue your life as a “Mother Bundan from now on; as well as a happy excitement; with a sense of responsibility.

En While you are enjoying the joy and happiness of the first days of motherhood, do not let the situations you encounter for the first time make you worry ”Memorial Antalya Hospital Department of Pediatrics Uz. Dr. Askin Gura Nemlioglu, answered questions that may be of concern to mothers.

Leave All Concerns Enjoy Being a “Mother!!

Im My baby cries very often! Is he sick? Ac

Your baby may just want to communicate
When the baby cries mothers first Mı Is my baby sick? ” It is the question. However, crying is the most common way babies use to communicate with the outside. The type of crying is often shaped depending on the cause of crying; With a good observation you can have an idea about the problem that makes the baby uneasy.

Baby cries in gas pains!
In addition to diseases; gas pains, extreme heat, starvation, or excessive clothing that can squeeze the baby are among the baby's main crying reasons. For example, babies with gas pains have good weight gain and healthy babies. Usually 2-3 weeks after birth, these pains, which cause cry bouts, especially in the evening, become more frequent. When the baby is 6-8 weeks old, the most intense gas pains stop at approximately 3 months. Although many drugs and behavioral methods have been tried to reduce crying crises during this period; none of them has been scientifically proven to be effective.

Don't overdress the baby
Mothers are generally worried about “the baby will be cold, and they tend to dress the baby in layers. However, too much ambient temperature and over-dressing of the baby is accepted as a common mistake. When breastfeeding, the mother's temperature is already sufficient for the baby to warm up. In the meantime, if you dress the baby too much, it is inevitable for the baby to cry.

The baby may be telling you she's hungry.
One of the most common causes of crying in infants is hunger. Hungry baby cries. Feeding the newborn should be managed by the baby itself. When the baby gets hungry, there is no need to force the mother to cry the necessary warnings.

You can take him on your lap and relax him.

Some movements, such as taking off clothes, startled as a reflex when falling asleep, excessive environmental stimuli, shaking for pre-sleep relief may cause crying with timing error in the baby who is about to fall asleep. In such cases, the need for physical contact of the baby should be remembered. Feeling the warmth of her mother, the baby will relax in a short time.
Im Is my baby constipated? ”

There is no need to worry about constipation if the baby is breastfed once a week but with a soft consistency; because almost all breast milk is absorbed from the intestines. This explains the low frequency of defecation. On the other hand, it is usual for the baby to be strained and his face reddened, and should not be perceived as constipation. The fact that a healthy baby fed with breast milk makes feces every 3-4 days or even in some cases does not mean that the baby is constipated.

Nasıl How should I dress my baby? ”

Newborn babies do not have sweating; therefore, when you overdress it, it will cry to express the distress caused by the excess temperature. In addition, the baby's nose is clogged in very hot environments. If the baby's hands and feet are cold, it can be checked by checking the back of his neck for cold. On the other hand, when the room temperature is 22-23 degrees, it is enough to dress your baby just one coat more than you.

Nasıl How and where should I put my baby? ”

There should be no pillows in the place where newborn babies are laid. For a healthy sleep, it is advisable to choose a mattress that is not too soft and does not change shape for the baby's floor. On the other hand, the mattress should be made of cotton fabric and there should be no more than 2 cm of space between the mattress and the crib. The baby should be placed in the supine position, with a slightly inclined upright level; drapes should be carefully selected to avoid a possible choking hazard.

Hangi How often should I breastfeed my baby? What if I can't feed it! ”

Fear of being unable to feed the baby is one of the most common concerns in the early days of motherhood. However, each mother is capable of producing enough milk to raise two babies at the same time. Therefore, you should not let this concern upset you. The orchestra conductor of the baby's diet should be the baby himself. However, care should be taken not to exceed 3 hours between breastfeeding at the beginning. On the other hand, it should be ensured that the baby makes a swallowing movement after every 2-3 suction movements while sucking. In order to understand that your milk is sufficient, you can observe how many grams your baby has gained per month and how many times a day he wets the diaper. The baby's weight gain at least 500 g per month, at least 5-6 times a day to wet the gold, 15 days after birth to reach birth weight indicates that the baby is enough milk.

In order to increase the milk, the baby should be laid on the mother's breast within 1 hour after birth. Even if the baby is not sucking, the baby should be placed in the mother's breast every hour for the first 4 hours. In the following days, it would be beneficial to breastfeed 10-12 times a day. If the milk comes easily, it will be the baby who will determine the frequency of feeding.

N What should I do for the healthy development of my baby? ”

First of all, it is necessary to gain motivation to breastfeed the baby while she is pregnant and to provide breastfeeding for the first 6 months. In addition, regular health checks of the baby during this period should not be neglected. As the mental and physical health of the mother will have a direct effect on the healthy growth of the baby; mothers need to take good care of themselves. For this reason, care should always be taken to be a mother who embraces, touches, makes eye contact, expresses her emotions, speaks, listens, sings songs to her baby, reads books and allows her to develop her imagination, and plays games with her baby; A peaceful, calm life should be preferred free from worries and worries.

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