Causes of craving

Causes of craving

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There are many rumors about craving: If you crave sweet boy, if you crave salty, you will have a girl, if you eat something unaware, you will get a stain on your child's body.

Craving is the extreme desire or disgust that women feel for something in the first months of pregnancy. It is also called as 'morning sickness' among the public. It is usually seen in the first three months. It should not be forgotten that the severity of craving varies according to one's diet and structure. Most of the pregnant women say that they want at least one thing very much.

Isn't craving a difficult period for fathers? Melon in the middle of winter, mandarin in the middle of summer, green plums are pushing the father. Some quince craves, some boiled wheat and okra… Of course craving does not only contain food. To absorb dust; eat ice, cigarette butts, charcoal, soap; Some of them chew plaster.

Craving is not just the need to eat something; there may also be various sensations such as feeling nausea, not being able to bear someone's voice, hearing nausea from any TV commercial or program, not eating enough, and vomiting when you smell someone or something.

ATTENTION: You just get over what you've eaten before.

Causes of craving

Every craving has a reason. These:

• The main cause is hormonal changes.
• Many cells are formed during pregnancy. In order for your baby to form cells, he or she takes the substances that the mother eats or the substances that are in his body as a source. If there is a deficiency of any substance in your body, the liver determines it and it will make you want to eat which food can be removed.
• According to a theory, craving is caused by some signals from the body. When pregnant women do not like a food, this nutrient is bad for the body, while the food they desire is the nutrients that are good for the body.
• Increasing the body's need for certain foods is also among the reasons. E.g; Some pregnant women are crushed in soil or mud because of iron deficiency. It should not be forgotten that there is not always a relationship between crushed and pregnant.
• Apart from all these reasons, the psychological state of the pregnant woman is an important factor in craving. On the basis of the desire to attract attention of the pregnant, the desire to receive emotional support, is to want to win the attention of his wife. Craving is more common in this type of person.

Eat a single meal

Eat everything you crave. What is important here is that it is not exaggerated. If the same thing is constantly being crushed and you've always started to consume the same things, you'll go towards this uniform diet and you'll lack the necessary nutrients. This means that you and your baby cannot get the nutrients you need. If you eat what you eat at a single meal, you are on the right track.
Caution: If you are eating something that is not nutritional or harmful - such as eating soil - consult your doctor.

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