Sleep Problems in Infants

Sleep Problems in Infants

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The duration of sleep required by the baby varies from baby to baby. This is due to the baby's age, developmental level and personal characteristics. Newborn babies do not have a specific sleep pattern. The baby's sleep pattern begins to develop after the first 6 months. During the first 6 months of uninterrupted sleep time does not exceed 2 hours and sleep about 18-21 hours a day. With the growth, there is a shortening of the daily sleep time and an increase in the continuous sleep time.

Understanding your baby is the first condition to be a good parent!

It takes time for newborns to adopt the fact that they live a life outside their mother's body. The baby wakes up from his sleep, hugs his mother's breast, sucked, then falls back to sleep, saturated and satisfied. He has established an oral relationship with his mother and feels that he has formed an unity and integrity with his mother as he did in his womb. However, as the sensory organs of the baby begin to develop, they begin to realize that they no longer live in the womb.

Here is the meaning of sleep for the baby into intrauterine life.

Some babies feel the need to perform some ceremonies to sleep. Some babies cannot fall asleep without playing with pillow tassels. Some babies cannot sleep without feeling the presence of a thin diaper in front of their nose. Some of them fall asleep by sucking their fingers. All these inevitable ceremonies that babies need to sleep allow us to intuitively grasp how reluctant he is to leave his paradise-like life for some time.

Some measures should be taken in order to give up this ceremony which the child needs to sleep. The most important thing to be aware of this issue should not be forced and disappointed with the baby. The mother who loves her offspring can determine the extent of her prohibition against her instinct. At the same time, the mother will have to cry from time to time until the baby is accustomed to her new condition. Because accustoming the dose to well-adjusted sacrifices is extremely important for its further development.

Expressing that you understand your baby is the second condition of being a good parent!

The mother, who aims to dissuade her offspring from a certain sleep ceremony, should sing her a lullaby before she goes to sleep, announce that there is no reason for her to feel lonely, that she loves her, that she is very happy to be together, that they can get through this difficult period together.

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