How to gain the habit of reading books?

How to gain the habit of reading books?

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We live in a world where technology is present in every moment of life. We give tablets, phones to our children at very young ages. We let them watch TV until late. We want our children to read books, but we do not model for it. In such a situation, how will we give our children the habit of reading books?

First of all, it is necessary to know that the habit of reading books is an ingenuity gained at an early age. Books should be an indispensable part of their lives in order for children to complete their development and capture the age of knowledge. As children grow up, they prepare for life through imitation. Parents who are role models are exemplary not by words but by their behaviors. So read books, magazines, newspapers with children. Let the books all over the house.<>

What else can you do as a parent? Here are a few tips:

• When you start crawling and put your hand in the toy basket next to the toys; When you grow up, let your phone, tablet, TV, books, etc. • Make sure you have a library in your room • Take time to read books together at certain times of the week, even if not every day. Chat about books. Talk about the events in the book. Ask the author what he would do if you had a child at his place. Exchange information about what style and subject he would write if he wrote a book in the future. When children are given books as gifts, children develop their reading skills, develop into reading habits and develop habitual responsibility, and consciousness growth begins. But when you give a book to a child, he is disappointed. Because they didn't see it in the people they took as a model. Please note that it is in our hands to change the situation. Most African countries have lagged behind the state in reading books about Turkey. Turkey also only 4 people are reading books than 100 people. In order to book a special occasion gifts to children around the world Turkey ranks 140 in 180 countries. While this is the case, our young writer Cihan BUĞDAYCI is developing a project to make people gain the habit of reading books. With the project ini People in Books insanlar, the project aims to ensure that people take part in their lives and provide continuity. The project, which appeals to all age groups, carries out studies in order to develop the habit of reading books from childhood and the youngest member is 8 years old.It's time for change!

According to research, although there is an increase in the rate of book printing, our reading rate is still insufficient. According to TurkStat data, reading books ranks 235th on the list of needs of Turkish people. The average time we spend reading is only 1 minute per day. While there are so few books in our country, we insistently ask our children to read. But we don't model our kids. It's time to change that. The mind is not a boiler to fill, but a spark that needs to be fired. Don't try to fill it with technology, fire with a book. Parents If you want to raise children who book, you must first set an example with your behavior. The more a child has physical needs, such as playing games, eating, and reading books, the more soul needs. Let's not take away this need, let's be with you. Remember, books are quiet teachers. Can you hear the melody the letters leave in your soul?

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