Junk food consumption during pregnancy

Junk food consumption during pregnancy

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If you think I'm pregnant and I should eat everything I want, we have to say you're wrong. Of course, you should take the nutrients you need for your baby's development, but you should consume as little as possible the junk food you consume just because you are craving. The first condition for a healthy baby is to protect your own health. Also let's not forget that every food you eat reaches your baby and plays a role in its development. The better you take care of your body, the better your baby will eat; harmful foods that you eat adversely affect its development. Gynecologists and nutritionists can help you with what trimester you should eat. In order to minimize weight gain during pregnancy and to carry out a healthy birth, the experts recommend that foods should be avoided regardless of which trimester: Carbonated beverages: they lowered. Especially when taken in large doses reduces the amount of oxygen to the baby. Frying: As many studies have proved that the vegetables cooked in fried oil are carcinogenic, experts suggest that instead of raw olive oil be consumed. Instead of eating your meals at the same doses but more slowly and chewing more, your need for soda will be reduced. Instead of sugar, you can consume one or two servings of fruit per day, which contain sugar. period to stay away. Since your baby will be fed directly through your channel in this period, it may adversely affect the development of unhealthy foods you will consume.

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