Changes in the body after pregnancy

Changes in the body after pregnancy

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Pregnancy and postpartum mentally and
physically exhausted mothers with psychological problems and strong structures
the atlas, the wrong diet and subsequent negative changes in the body
diet, serious neglect of exercise
they have to fight disinformation.

Well, women after pregnancy What to do?

Common breast deformation prevention
breastfeeding should be done regularly, even if not
treatment should be provided. In this way, relief from pain and hardening possible
chance. When the baby enters the feeding period by weaning
simultaneous hair loss
The reason for the situation does not mean that it is related to changing during pregnancy
hormonal balance is due to show later reflections.

Speaking of hormonal balance very often
One of the effects is the slowing effects on the intestine. This
the condition may result in constipation. Nutrition and diet after birth
it should be taken seriously and strictly followed the expert advice. Normal delivery
or caesarean section in the first period should not stand up and fluid
nutrients should be consumed intensively.

from birth
home care recommendations:

Helping with postnatal care
The person should not take the words of the mother feel very well. Plenty
frequent urine activity by consuming fluid for infections
is a serious precaution. Absolutely heavy until the end of the third week
Light cleaning works after the second week
should be made.

The right diet should be done in the right exercise:

women changes in the body and how to beat them.
because they started to mention after work and
wrong diets by making the wrong physical movements by doing this situation themselves
They can provide.

Fast and uncontrolled weight Loss of milk yield adversely affecting quality
It will break. And this can lead to serious health problems in the child in the future. Birth
Since abundant water and fibrous foods are likely to form consumable hemorrhoids
this will work as a first measure if proceeds with hemorrhoid drug treatment
There is no harm in

During, before and after breastfeeding,
lying, getting up, all our movements in the early stages of a certain exercise
should be made within the order and strictly return to normal within the first four weeks
feeling should not be treated comfortably.

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