Shopping list for your baby

Shopping list for your baby

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If you are lucky enough to experience this miraculous event very soon
If you are a mother, you should prepare your baby before hugging your baby in this article.
you will find the things you need. Especially around you before you baby
If you don't have a mothers friend in your arms, this article will help you a lot.
To touch. From the moment you find out you're pregnant, the next baby
You know very well that you should start making preparations for.
But a bit of guidance about where to start comes from us.

From the moment you start the preparatory work,
You can find Of course, for yourself and your little miracle
you want to get the best of the best, but, 'baby is the money going
I'm going to think now 'if you set out after a while the result for you
may not be very humorous for your partner.

Therefore, you will never think about baby shopping and it's ridiculous at first.
things you'll find when you're running and buying yourself
We now share the hosting list with you. We are sure your baby
it will also help your preparation.

  1. 1. Make your baby
    camera you can view or radio you can hear
  2. 2. Custom for your baby
  3. 3. Make your baby
    thermometer for the temperature of the water you will wash
  4. 4. For your baby
  5. 5. Rash cream
  6. 6. Your baby
    sterilizers for berons
  7. 7. Special for Newborns
    baby nappies
  8. 8. Maintenance bag
  9. 9. Nasal aspirator
  10. 10. Plastic cooking spoons
    (preferably with silicone tip)
  11. 11. Special for Newborns
    baby bottle and pacifier
  12. 12. Special for Babies
  13. 13. Your baby
    mouth glands that will not hurt your skin
  14. 14. Baby cotton
  15. 15. Subchangeability
  16. 16. Baby shampoo and
    body lotion
  17. 17. Baby face and
    body cream
  18. 18. Towels for bathroom
    (our advice is to have more than one)
  19. 19. Room temperature
    thermometer for measuring
  20. 20. Electric chest
  21. 21. Breast pad and cream
  22. 22. Breastfeeding pillow and
  23. 23. Parking bed
  24. And finally the excitement of the last weeks is famous
    hospital bag

Of course, this list is only basic.
needs but from the first moment your baby is born
so you can see. Needs will increase in the following stages
you will need to prepare a new shopping list for your baby. If you wish
make your own list so that you don't get lost in need
there is no missing product.

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