How do you know when birth is approaching?

How do you know when birth is approaching?

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Birth action is a special case that varies from woman to woman. Some are easy,
others are difficult. This event is the same as it changed from woman to woman.
may vary between the woman's first and subsequent births. Birth how much action
the symptoms of an impending birth are almost the same. Known
all symptoms may not be seen in all women, but the presence of
it may take several days to weeks.

Baby coming down

Because of the pressure your baby has on your lungs
it is normal for you to start having difficulty breathing. During the approach of birth
baby's head birth channel. In this way, over the chest cavity
pressure is reduced and the mother begins to breathe more easily. But the baby
the pressure on the bladder increases as the head goes down. So just like
As in early pregnancy, urination is often needed.

Engagement to arrive

During pregnancy, the cervix is ​​filled with a mucus. Baby exterior
This fluid is called mucus plug. When birth approaches uterus
her mouth begins to expand and the spigot falls. The arrival of this situation engagement among the public
and it is understood that birth is no longer far.

The arrival of water

In one of 10 pregnant women the amniotic sac ruptures unexpectedly and
the liquid discharges out. This is also known as m water coming ve and
indicates that birth is close. Following the arrival of water after 36 weeks
Birth starts in 24 hours. Call the doctor without wasting time when the water arrives
must. After the amniotic sac ruptures
There is no barrier to protect against infections. Therefore the pouch
Never place any substance into the vagina after opening
do not have relationship.


Being overly energetic

Feeling tired and exhausted during pregnancy
it is normal to feel the need to take a nap. This is very
is a common situation. But when you wake up one morning
Don't be surprised if you feel energetic. Many women shortly before birth
he feels extremely energetic.

In addition, the following symptoms suggest that birth is approaching.

Increased vaginal discharge. The discharge color is most likely pink or

Mild abdominal cramps, worsening of the uterus

Mild weight loss

Low back and back pain

Frequent bowel movements with cramps

Feeling fullness in the pelvic area and rectal area

Softening and thinning of the cervix

Not all findings may be seen in you, please note that birth is approaching
showing symptoms vary from woman to woman.

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