Postpartum confinement

Postpartum confinement

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First 6 weeks after birth postpartum postpartum period is called. The first 24
Very early, early one week
and the remaining time to be late puerperium
is divided into three different periods. Well this
What happens to our body in the period?

The first change in the size of the uterus after birth
It happens. Uterus that can grow up to 11 times during pregnancy post-pregnancy postpartum period starts to shrink. Of 6 weeks
eventually reaches the size of the uterus before pregnancy. During the first 4 weeks during this period
currents are seen and then disappear. In fact, this period is more healing
period can also be called; because pregnancy
cervical patency decreases, vagina tissue
heals, abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles are restored.

Puerperium of the body
it is a period of self-healing but attention to certain points in this process
and taking an active role in the process will make it more comfortable.
Simple household chores to support blood circulation after hospital discharge
is a good method to do. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be preferred in nutrition,
especially breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to protein intake. Postnatal postpartum period milk
It is recommended that mothers give an average of 2600 calories. Bowel
deceleration in movements with fiber consumption and abundant water consumption
be removed.

After birth
sexual intercourse is not recommended. episiotomy
about 6 weeks for healing of wound and cessation of vaginal discharge, ie
the period of maternity must pass.

Postpartum complications during this period
It is depression. Symptoms are as follows:

Irritability and susceptibility

Fear of being inadequate

Fear of breastfeeding or lack of milk


Different degrees of depression

Bleeding may occur

Postpartum depression birth
or later in the first year
can be seen but can be quickly resolved with early detection and treatment
condition disorder.

In the postpartum confinement period
The good thing is to take care of rest, to follow your doctor's checks and
spend time with your baby
will leave to heal.

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