Folic acid before pregnancy

Folic acid before pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the body needs
the need for nutritional values ​​increases. This requirement is
change shape according to the needs of the baby and the mother. Folic acid, woman's
It is one of the most important vitamins group that should be started before conception.

Folic acid is important for baby's development
cell proliferation, protein synthesis and bone marrow replacement.
has a great role in such functions. An unstored body
Because vitamins should be taken every day.

This vitamin belongs to group B. Water
dissolved in natural foods, the form of folate, processed foods
The form found in drugs is called Folic Acid. Successful in DNA production
on the formation of blood cells and nervous system tissues
also has great role.

According to research, pregnancy
adequate folic acid intake, the risk of injury in the baby may occur
to a great extent.

Most women before pregnancy, less
folic acid deficiency, though. The need for pregnancy
increases and in this case folis acid failure may occur. Nutrition before pregnancy
supplementation and additional folic acid medications,
results can be exceeded.

Folic acid, the baby's nervous system and
have a major role in brain development. So before you get pregnant, folic acid
There is benefit to be taken. 3 months before becoming pregnant with this supplement
It is recommended that pregnancy be started and continued until the 3rd month.

Folic acid deficiency is highly
It is common. More severe deficiencies are also encountered in anemia. Folic acid
If those who are deficient do not receive reinforcements, this may turn into anemia.

Fatigue between symptoms of anemia
and drowsiness ranks first. Cracks in the rim
folic acid deficiency is the cause of iron or B2 deficiency.
can also occur. In folic acid deficiency, the tongue turns red and
Heavy. It may not be easy to understand folic acid deficiency from external symptoms.
However, when the blood test revealed anemia. Slight deficiency
severe depression leads to serious depressions.
damage may occur.

Pregnant women taking daily
should take as much folic acid as necessary. So before the pregnancy
folic acid should be consumed to cover the whole pregnancy.

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