Pre-pregnancy hepatitis b vaccine

Pre-pregnancy hepatitis b vaccine

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B, the introduction of HBV virus, which is very common in our country, in different ways.
as a result of the most serious problems and settling in the liver
is a disease that can create.

10 percent of adult people suffering from the disease, the percentage of children
Seventy-one disease becomes chronic. Unfortunately, in chronic infection,
increases the risk of liver failure, liver cancer and cirrhosis. This
virus, the person in close contact with the person and the pregnant woman
is an important source of infection for your baby.

after the disease, those who do not become carriers, antibody in the body
and the person becomes immune to the disease throughout life.

This virus
It is infectious in 4 ways.

Blood way: Injection Needles, Blood
transmitted by razor blades and cuticle materials.

Saliva: Disease, the person carrying the virus
It is transmitted by contact of saliva to open wound of another.

Semen: Occurs during sexual intercourse

From mother to baby after birth
not exceed:
Your mother's,
infected secretions occur as a result of contact with the baby at birth.

it is generally mild. Mostly, the person thinks he has the flu.
Other symptoms include excessive weakness, pain, anorexia, nausea and vomiting.
Forty percent of cases have skin and jaundice.

Symptoms and complaints in cases disappeared in no more than eight weeks
It disappears. With the antibody formed in the body, the person is immune to the disease.
In very severe cases, this disease until cirrhosis or cancer in the liver
It may return.

the condition of the disease is not very different from that of pregnancy. This
The disease has no adverse effect on the unborn baby. Placenta of this virus
passing through to the baby is very rare. This virus barely, during birth
may occur as a result of the mother's body fluids coming into contact with her baby.

Certain screening tests are performed at the beginning of pregnancy for B disease.
condition. If the mother is a carrier, the virus at the time of birth
risk. In such a case, immediately after birth, the first forty-eight hours
In this case, protective hepatitis B vaccine should be given to the baby. Given to the baby
the serum contains antibodies that protect the baby against the virus and
eliminates the virus transmitted to the baby.

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