Cases of burns in children

Cases of burns in children

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6500-7000 children each year, according to investigations carried out in Turkey, referring to the treatment of burns and 80 percent of children are exposed to burn because of the double-decker teapots and kettles. Every day, 25-30 children are transported to hospitals and clinics for various reasons such as boiling water and flame burns. 80 percent of children's burns occur due to double-decked teapots, while the remaining 20 percent of these cases are iron, stove contact, house fires caused by flame burns and electric shock burns. Parental neglect and abuse is the cause of 15% of scald burns in babies and children with hot fluids. The burns on the hips occur as a result of placing the child in boiling water as a punishment. As can be seen, the table is unfortunately not heartwarming. The number one rule of preventing burns, especially in infants and children, is the awareness of parents and their high attention. However, it is necessary to know what to do in case of unexpected situations, what kind of treatment should be followed. Kiss. Dr. Evolution Uçkunkaya children in the burning issues in Turkey, treatment methods, we have made the wrong question. What exactly do we mean by the burn marks? What is the impact of social and psychological burns on people?The fearful dream of many people without saying Kadın women, men or children yan is burns and scars that will remain after burns. In addition to creating difficulties in social life, these traces are the traces that damage the self-confidence of the person and cause constant psychological problems due to their lifelong carrying. Burns are one of the most important causes of accidental deaths in childhood. Etiological causes such as scald burns, flame burns, electrical burns, chemical burns and radiation burns, unfortunately, result in traces that cause bad appearances depending on the depth of the burn, which results in dramatic results when it is in the face area. Invisible accidents, neglect, momentary minor carelessness can sometimes lead to major health damages… ??Why do children mostly burn?In children, burns are most often caused by contact with hot objects on the skin, and the temperature and duration of contact with the burning agent determines the severity of the burn. In our country, unfortunately, burn accidents are still among the most common household accidents in children.Apart from the image created by the burn, is there any physical harm to the patient in the process?Burn both disrupts the appearance and disrupts the function of the organs. For example, in the case of hand burns, the functions of the hand such as opening, closing, and ability to grasp the load can be impaired as well as the scar left on the skin. Under the chin, the burn scar on the neck may pull the lower jaw down and prevent the person from closing his mouth. Therefore, burn treatment is one of the reconstructive and aesthetic treatments of plastic surgery. When does Aesthetic Surgery come into play?A patient who has undergone acute treatment for burn trauma will need to regenerate damaged and lost skin and other tissues later in the treatment. At this point, plastic and reconstructive surgery, which undertakes the repair of tissue losses in the whole body, comes into play. In addition to replacing missing skin and other tissues, plastic surgeons who are experts in wound care play an important role in the care of burns. On the other hand, after the burn wound heals, it is the job of plastic surgeons to improve the appearance and function by correcting the burn-related deformities that we encounter in the late period. What should be done first in burns?The type of first aid varies depending on the type of burn and the causative agent. However, within the scope of general burn first aid, it is necessary to move away from the cause of the burn, avoid contact with the burn wound by any other factor than cold water, prevent heat loss in large burns and consult a specialist as soon as possible. What should be done - What should not be done?- Superficial burns, such as sunburn, are self-healing burns whatever you drive. For superficial burns, substances such as toothpaste and yogurt do not benefit or harm. In deep burns, these substances can have extremely harmful consequences. - In superficial burns that will heal by themselves within 10 days, the aim is to complete this process most painlessly and comfortably. It is enough to cover the burn zone with oily pomades. - It is extremely dangerous to apply pomade or creams containing local anesthetics to the burn zone to relieve the pain. Since the absorption of these substances from the disintegrated skin will be uncontrolled, they may cause negative effects on the heart and circulatory system. When the burn dressing is done, the patient's pain will decrease. - Do not recite oral antibiotic pills. It is both unnecessary and harmful to use antibiotics without any signs of inflammation. - In small scald burns at home, after cooling with tap water, dressing with topical cream or pomades will be sufficient. These agents will reduce the feeling of pain and inflammation caused by drying and stretching of the skin. Analgesics may be given to the patient.Is it possible to treat burns and scars completely?In the correction of scars and burns, the time of diagnosis and duration of treatment may vary with each scars and burns. The first principle in the removal of scars and burns is to wait for the maturation of the leave. The timing of the treatments is planned according to the condition of the wound and the patient. In some wounds, treatment can be started immediately, while in others, wound maturation can be expected for an average of 6 months. The most annoying are the scarring, which is sometimes itchy, in a red, puffy state. These features indicate that the permission has not yet matured. Some traces heal irregularly. In particular, in the case of segmented incisions, the failure to sew leather parts at the same level during sewing results in level differences and irregular surfaces. Which deformities due to burns are corrected by plastic surgery?-Ear-mouth-nose deformities due to burns (narrowing of the nostrils and mouth opening and related respiratory and nutritional difficulties) -Problems-mustache-beard deficiencies due to burn-scalp scars-Scalp scars? (Inability to close the eyelid, dry eye…) - Chest-breast deformities due to burns - Bad-looking scars after burns?Many people in Turkey (even celebrities) lives with scars, comes to you why those wishing to treat the signs? Deleting these traces actually means deleting the bad traces of that moment. Although the scars disrupt a person's aesthetic appearance, the main reason is to ask for the erasure of that moment. In fact, at the beginning of everything is a hundred percent confidence, the doctor-patient relationship should be perfect and the patient should not really feel alone from the beginning of the treatment. I also take time for my patients and chat with them, and the biggest reason for the patients to come to me is that I will never do the procedure that I will not apply myself to my patients. What is interesting is that this secret is not far away in our own body, but also in the fat tissue that we do not care about or even see as an enemy. I would like to help my patients with conservative methods first, but surgery is the most important trump card where conservative therapy is not beneficial. I start by saying health and aesthetics first.

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