Exercise movements after pregnancy

Exercise movements after pregnancy

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Weight gain during pregnancy, birth for mothers
It is one of the most frequently complained subjects. Tiny and for 9 months
this is the only negative thing that you have left with your baby.
In addition to this happiness, the weight you gain is actually a tiny one for you.
detail, but also to lose weight is a normal situation.

Instead of losing weight immediately during pregnancy,
as long as 9 months
it will be much better for your health and the health of your baby. In this process if
If you are breastfeeding your baby, it will affect the quality and quantity of your milk.
you should stay away from food.

Just a diet to lose weight after the postpartum period
exercise program but also post-pregnancy exercise movements
will provide convenience for you.

12 weeks of exercise

0-6 weeks

Goal: In this process
you must activate your body. These exercises increase your energy.
and your belly as well as during pregnancy and loosened during childbirth.
it will help your pelvic muscles recover.


Lie down and put your legs on a ball. Each
Take 1.5-2 pounds in both hands. Keep weights on your chest
and slowly lift up while exhaling. Hold for 3 seconds and lower. Three times
Start with and exit up to 12 times.


Kneel down and spread your knees wide. your waist
lean forward and lower your arms, your elbows to a chair or
on the coffee table. Breathe in and take your belly in while breathing out
show. Stay that way for 5-10 seconds. Slowly breathe
You can give. Do this twice and repeat 10 times.

7-12 weeks

Goal: we talk about
The intensity of the movements should be increased. Break your knee, your only heel
should lift to the butt height. The diagonal of your removed leg
extend your arm forward and suck your belly.

3-Collect shuttle

Exercise the ball between the bottom of your back and the wall
place. Your back is upright and your legs are shoulder wide. This
position slightly lower. In this way, stop for 3 seconds and rise again. This
Repeat the movement 5 times and then 12 times.

4-Push up

In this movement you will do push-ups on the exercise ball.
Place the ball under your belly and keep it under your badges,
move over your hands and move your upper area
Closer. Stop this movement for 3 seconds and rise. Before this act 5
You can then repeat 15 times.

12 weeks and later

Goal: Pregnancy
before the exercises to be done to gain strength. Sports in this period
You should increase the time you spend for.

5-Push up with lower arm

Take your push-up position and your weight, arms and
your fingertips, your elbows should be at the bottom of your shoulders.
Stand in a straight line for 20 seconds. Then your knees down
stand for 30 seconds. Movement 3 times then 6 times
You can repeat.

6-A balanced body

Spread your legs as wide as your hips. your waist
bend down slightly. Extend your arms vertically forward and
lift one leg near your hip. Wait for 20 seconds and press
Relax for seconds. Do the same with your other leg and
You can between times.

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