Protect your children from cyberbullying!

Protect your children from cyberbullying!

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The usage rate of social networks is increasing day by day. It is necessary to ensure that children and young people can socialize safely in the online world which is globalized and the borders are eliminated thanks to the Internet, and to raise awareness of the risks that children may face in the online world.

Social media education starts in the family

Nowadays, computer and smartphone usage starts almost in infancy. Especially smartphone applications and social media sites are among the most popular technologies for children. Conscious use of social media and the Internet is very important to prevent children from being harmed. Communication Expert and Trainer Nurhan Demirel, who states that conscious social media usage has started in the family, offers a series of suggestions and important recommendations to families.

Protect your child from inappropriate content

The age of being a member of social media sites is 13 on many sites. However, millions of children under the age of 13 show their age and become members of social media sites. It is estimated that there are more than 7.5 million children under the age of 13 who are now members of Facebook. Children mostly use social media to communicate with their friends and play games, but in our country, content suitable for adults is shared in social media. The fact that these contents can be easily accessed and seen by everyone affects the psychological development of children negatively. In addition, children are exposed to cyber bullying on social media and are among the target of pedophiles. Children become an hunting ada on social media due to unconsciously sharing their children's photographs.

Prohibit is not the solution

Prohibiting a website or social media is not technically possible in today's conditions. And how can we ban social media to children in a digital age where 10-year-olds can write mobile apps? Likewise, as seen in our country, banned sites can easily be accessed and shared. At this point, instead of banning social media, we need to think about how to protect our child against cyberbullying. As a family, it is best to learn to use the Internet consciously and safely and to educate our child on this issue. Against cyber bullying, parents should strengthen their communication with their children and learn about the child's friends through social media. Just as we are curious about who our children are friends with during the day and what they do, we should also be aware of how they spend time on social media.

Use social media and the Internet securely

As a family, what do you need to pay attention to so that your children are not harmed? Here are the warnings from the expert… - Do not share your child's school and report card on social media: Your child's report card and certificate of achievement contain important information such as the Turkish Identity Number, school and the class in which they are studying. Sharing this information on social media and publicly may endanger your child's safety. - Limit the use of social media: Make sure that your child does activities according to his age and give him more time. Limit the time spent on the Internet and social media. - Make your child's friend: Limit the use of social media to your child under the age of 13 and inform your children not to make friends with people they do not know. Be your child's friend and learn about friends in both social life and social media sites. - Follow friendship requests: Warn your child that he / she should not accept friendship requests from people he / she does not know and check the friends list frequently. - Pay attention to photo shares: Warn your child not to send photos to people he doesn't know. Please note that your child may be blackmailed for the photos he / she sends. As parents, you should also avoid sharing photos of your child. Innocent family photos you share can make your child the target of malicious people.

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