5th month of pregnancy

5th month of pregnancy

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We months. So we are between 17 and 21 and 21 and a half weeks. Well during this period
What changes are happening in your baby's world? Your baby is obviously fast
somehow continues to grow. And the mobility continues in the same way
It is. When we look at ultrasonography in the fifth month
We can observe that moving. Here is the most important change for you,
Tests can be done. We need to talk about an important check. This
It is recommended that two tests be performed to the expectant mother in weeks. One of them
one of them is quadruple test and one is detailed ultrasonography. What we call a quadruple test
well, a top version of what we used to call the triple test.
We can say. The quadruple test will quickly replace the triple test over time
started. It is very common in our country.

Here you need to draw attention to something. Some doctors will be able to
When performing the quadruple test, the quadruple test serves the same thing, ie chromosome
Determine the risk of anomaly - some doctors are only doing a dual test some
The doctors are only doing quadruple testing. As we said, in fact both applications
serves to determine the risk of chromosomal anomaly
which one to apply depends entirely on the doctor's preference. Here
this depends on the doctor's own school.
you must trust how he sees.

in fact, we see that all three approaches are correct. Here
The criterion is that your baby is healthy.

Another test we can call is detailed ultrasonography. Detailed
The ultrasound test is also done by your doctor himself.
done. Doctors in general do a detailed ultrasound
do The aim is to see a second eye and
interpretation. In a sense, on behalf of the control mechanism
have detailed ultrasound performed by another doctor. However
Your doctor may also choose to make this application himself.

to do with a detailed ultrasound test? In this test all your baby
organs are reviewed in detail. Your baby is monitored from head to toe. Detailed
The most suitable period for ultrasonography, especially between 19 and 23 weeks
We can say. Let's clarify something here. Usually with this test
there are subjects that mothers want to learn. However, this test; skin
disease, future psychiatric disorders or general curiosity.
It does not explain situations such as autism. Detailed ultrasonography of organs in us
gives information about the development. To give an example in this way;
dilatation of the kidneys, serious problems such as heart hole with this test
It can be understood.

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