Twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancy

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Twin pregnancies are the most common pregnancies. Twin pregnancies, every 80
It occurs in one pregnancy.

single twins and double twins.

twins at the same time two egg cells by two sperm
fertilized. Because their genetic structure is not the same, the sex of babies
and their appearance may be different.

in twins, they are fertilized by an egg and a sperm and then
is divided into two. Genetic structures are the same, so infants of the same sex
It happens.

Birth in Multiple Pregnancy


if the baby is present, the delivery will be caesarean or normal.
your doctor. But more than two pregnancies
When cesarean section should be preferred.


Multiple Pregnancy

In pregnancy, early nausea and fatigue are more common.
Due to the over-secretion of pregnancy hormone Bhcg in multiple pregnancies,
nausea in mothers is more severe. Advancing pregnancy
weeks, due to further growth of the uterus, mothers to walk
difficulty and low back pain is higher than other mothers.

Attention in Twin Pregnancy

In pregnancy, doctor checks should be performed more. Prospective mothers 28.
should stop working after the week and avoid heavy exercises.

Prospective mothers in twin pregnancies, singular
a more challenging period than pregnancy. Therefore, the expectant mother
should be more cautious against the possibility of birth. But these two pregnancies
There is almost no difference between the development of infants.
Only after 30 weeks of weight loss
It is normal. Therefore, follow-up should be more frequent after 30 weeks.

Parents wishing to experience twin pregnancy
candidates want to increase their chances. But there are no methods for this
They do not. The chance of twin pregnancy only if there is a twin pregnancy in the mother's family
It rises. Apart from this, the possibility of twin pregnancy as the maternal age progresses

Increasing your awareness, more
consciously spend a pregnancy and never mind about twin pregnancy
For those who have previously had multiple pregnancies in your family
You can listen to the story.

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