Constipation in pregnancy

Constipation in pregnancy

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One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is constipation. Especially
shortage of constipation in the last months of pregnancy for mothers
Although it is extremely uncomfortable, some
mitigated. Today's living conditions make the problem of constipation more widespread.
leads to. In general, the problem of constipation, during pregnancy
slightly increase. This situation emotional changes of mothers
as a result, it is perceived as a more severe problem.
Constipation is therefore one of the most common complaints among mothers.
Hormone change causing constipation and pressure of the uterus on the intestines
does not require treatment. Although this situation was exaggerated in previous years,
constipation was thought to cause poisoning. But in the large intestines
No dangerous side effects are known.

Causes Constipation?

Diseases that occur during pregnancy
crack and hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) in the breech. Due to these diseases
as a result of postponement of the toilet because of pain,
widening, and as a result of overstretching nerves also damaged constipation thoroughly
is located. The most appropriate solution to alleviate the complaints of mothers
He goes to the toilet every day at the same time. The rectum when going to the toilet
to increase intra-abdominal pressure that causes
needs to determine the position.

Sudden hormone levels during pregnancy
factors that increase constipation caused by
a lifestyle, non-pulp foods and insufficient water consumption. constipation
In order to reduce the discomfort caused by the diet should change. Especially
fiber, pulp vegetables and fruits, olive oil dishes and plenty of water to consume the intestine
increases mobility. Also in the evening to reduce complaints apricot
compote drinkable. In the morning, a few dried figs are mostly eaten.
reduces discomfort. Apart from these, 1 cup of warm water every morning to drink
can increase bowel movements. Of course, before all this, regular
you need to regain your toilet habit.

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